Why these menstrual discs are better than tampons

More protection? Fewer cramps? These are just some of the benefits of switching over to menstrual discs

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We have to hand it to Aunt Flow: she certainly knows how to give us a run for our money. Between cramps and bloating, high emotions and breakouts, that time of the month is never as seamless as we'd hope. 

Fortunately, accessories like period underwear and menstrual cups make things a bit easier on us. Those who are ready for an entirely different cycle experience—a liberating one at that—should consider trying Flex Menstrual Discs.  

What are Flex Menstrual Discs?

Not a cup, not quite a tampon, this disposable product caters to each stage of your period: light, medium and heavy flows. Though it sounds similar to most feminine hygiene products, there are a few key points about Flex that truly change the game. 

For one, its position in the vaginal fornix rather than the canal decreases cramps, which is always a plus. In fact, 60% of customers can attest to that statement. And considering one disc is equivalent to three super-sized tampons—and fits to your unique shape—you'll feel completely protected throughout the day. 

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Composed of 100% medical-grade polymers and designed for 12-hour wear, Flex discs also boast convenience when it comes to mess-free period sex. You know that is a game-changer, so read up on the best sex positions for menstrual cramps and enjoy a stress-free fun in bed.

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Flex, Flex Disc ($9.99–$13.99)

Flex, Flex Disc ($9.99–$13.99)

Disposable menstrual products designed for light, medium and heavy flows. The rim's ComfortSeal™ technology will warm and form to your body for 12-hour protection. 

Plus, there's an environmentally-friendly perk that green-conscious period havers will appreciate: Flex discs feature 60% less waste than traditional period products. Good for your body and good for the planet? Now that's a win-win!

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