Period tracker apps to download so your cycle never surprises you again

The best period tracker apps will ensure sure your time of the month never creeps up on you

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There's nothing worse than your period sneaking up on you unexpectedly, especially when you've run out of tampons. Yet, we've all been there. But what if there was a way to be rid of that frustrating scenario for good? A way to never be surprised by Mother Nature again? Say hello to period tracker apps. 

Period tracker apps for your smartphone have been a popular tool for menstruators in recent years, helping us stay on top of our cycle by identifying symptoms, providing information about said symptoms, and making sure we know exactly when to expect our time of the month—and that's not all. 

The savvy little apps, which we should be using as much as we use the best dating apps, can also help detect our ovulation dates, something many of us haven't the faintest clue about unless we're actively trying to get pregnant. Knowing exactly what's happening in your body and when is also useful for your overall health. For instance, having a record of any abnormalities or changes to your flow—including a heavier or lighter bleeding or severe period cramps—will be of assistance to your doctor should you need a medical check, and using an app makes this much easier. Plus, knowing when you're PMSing can help you prepare for your period as well as explain why you may be feeling certain physical symptoms and emotions. 

So, how accurate are these apps? Well, that can depend on you. If you are someone who gets regular periods for the most part and makes a habit of updating your app with any changes to your cycle, then it should be pretty accurate, as all your results are based on the information you provide. Some apps are, of course, better than others, which is why we've rounded up our top period tracker apps to try.

Six period tracker apps to add to your phone

1. Flo

Whether you use the Flo app or not, you've definitely heard of it. One of the most popular period aids around, the app has millions of users and is often the first reference point when discussing period tracker apps. So, what's so great about it? 

Well, for starters it's free to use. There is an option to get a paid subscription where you can access more personalized features on the app, but for all the essentials simply download the app and create a user, filling in your personal details such as age, height, weight, etc, as well as a brief medical history.

You can then use the app to record ovulation and period symptoms, with Flo telling you exactly where you are in your cycle. The app even uses special graphs to break down what is happening inside your body. Not only is it a handy reminder of your period but it can also be used as a pregnancy tracker if needed. 

2. Clue

Clue prides itself in teaching users about their bodies and to be fair, it does a pretty good job at it. The period tracker app has tracking options related to literally everything that goes on in your body during your cycle, from PMS headaches to period-induced breakouts.

Like Flo, Clue is free to use for basic services like period tracking and reminders of your ovulation dates but offers more features for paid subscriptions. 

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3. Ovia 

If you're trying to get pregnant, then Ovia is the app for you. While the app does track your period, it works more like a fertility tracker, helping you chart your basal body temperature, cervical position, and cervical mucus.

It also gives you predictions about your menstruation or fertility based on the data you input, so just like the other apps, you have to fill in some personal details when you register to get the best results. 

4. MyFlo

This period tracker app is great for those who experience irregular periods, might be going through menopause, or are going through some random cycle symptoms that they're not quite sure about, including things like migraines, low energy and fatigue, constipation or excessive bloating.

As well as tracking your period and acting as a reminder of when your new cycle starts, the MyFlo app takes all the symptoms you record on your app and helps identify useful information about your overall health. 

In fact, the app can let you know about any possible hormone imbalances you may have and even provides suggestions for lifestyle changes you could make that would ease any symptoms you feel during the different stages of your cycle. If that's not clever, we don't know what is!

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5. Cycles

Firstly, we'd like to shout out to the design team at Cycles for creating such a clean and swanky app. But this period tracker app isn't just pretty to look at—it's a great tool for keeping up with your cycle.

It offers similar services to all the other period tracker apps, including a distinctive breakdown of where you are in your menstruation and reminders of when your period is coming up. However, one thing that sets it apart from the others is a clever little feature that allows you to invite your partner to sync up with you on the app so that they, too, have access to your data. This means they'll know when you're PMSing, ovulating or on your period, a.k.a. when it's high time to break out those best sex positions for menstrual cramps.

6. Eve by Glow

This period tracker app is an updated version of the original Glow app, which focuses on tracking fertility; meanwhile, Eve by Glow is for your period. It's super easy to use and helps you keep tabs on not only your cycle but also your sex life and your gym habits, too.

Use the app to log any symptoms and changes to your cycle for the best advice and information about what's happening inside your body and when. 

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