Harry Styles' dating advice might be the best thing we heard all week

Harry Styles—the love guru we didn't know we needed

Harry Styles 07/09/2017 "Dunkirk" Press Conference held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, CA
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Harry Styles: British singer, up-and-coming actor, boyfriend to Olivia Wilde and...dating expert? It appears the "Watermelon Sugar" vocalist is not only performing addictive tunes during live concerts, but he's shelling out sound advice in the love department, too—truly a win-win situation. 

While on tour in Saint Paul, Minnesota, he used his platform to go over a few dating deal breakers, and we have to say, we couldn't agree with Harry more. Now's the time to start taking notes, my friend. 

Harry Styles' dating advice

In a tweet that has since gone viral, @OliviaAloud posted a video of Harry answering a fan's dating Q. "Harry giving love n dating advice and calling a man trash I LOVE L O V E to see it omg," she wrote. 

The dating question? Oh, only the age-old: "Should I text him?" A fan held up a poster with the query all Gen Zers have experienced at one point or another. Fortunately for concertgoers, and in turn the internet, Harry has a solution. 

“In my opinion, if you should, then this isn’t even a question," he said while on stage. "If we’re playing games, if you’re wondering, ‘Should I text him' … 'Can’t text him too soon' … 'And now I’m thinking about double texting and that’s whole other risky business,' my personal opinion is that if there’s any sort of games: trash, trash, trash, not for you.”

A little louder for those in the back, Harry!

We are all for the empowering, feel-good message the pop sensation is promoting, and we're certainly keeping the no-games approach in the back of our minds after this spiel. Now, if Harry has some time, we need a few tips for the best Hinge questions and answers...

Thanking you in advanced, Harry!

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