How old is Danica on Love Island 2022 and what's the age difference with Jay?

It's too much for Jay, apparently

Danica and Jay on Love Island 2022
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As we saw in episode 24 of Love Island 2022, Danica chose Jay in the recoupling, despite him closing the door on any romantic connection because of her age—but how old is Danica exactly and what’s their age gap?

For those who need to be caught up to speed, Danica Taylor has sadly not been having the smoothest ride in the villa. After first coupling up with fish flop fan, Luca—despite his obsession with Gemma—to then Jacques, who only chose her because Paige had already been picked, to now, Jay.

Recoupling with Jay sparked a whole lot of drama in the villa, especially with Antigoni, who also had her sights set on the Scottish bombshell. More so, as he had already assured Antigoni (and the whole villa for that matter) that he'd closed the door on any romantic connection with Danica because of their age gap.

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So how old is Danica exactly and is she even the youngest islander?

How old is Danica on Love Island?

Danica is 21, making her the second-youngest islander on the show behind Gemma Owen, who is 19. The rest of the islanders are 23 and over.

What is Jay’s age on Love Island? 

Jay is 28 and the oldest Islander, alongside Charlie who is also 28. The recoupling drama between our love triangle all began following a conversation between Danica and Jay after he hinted that a romantic relationship was not on the cards because of her age.

He told her he was more interested in getting to know Antigoni, who is 26. But Danica still chose to couple up with him, much to Antigoni’s confusion.

What is Jay and Danica’s age difference? 

There are seven years between Jay and Danica and as we saw in the latest installment—that is too much for Jay, which now also explains why he never pursued Gemma.

Ah well, there's always Casa Amor for Danica to find her match!

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