Is Love Island not on tonight? Here's how the Euro 2020 final will affect your reality TV binge

Wondering 'Is Love Island not on tonight?'—we'll fill you in

The contestants of Love Island 2021
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Is there a Love Island episode tonight? If you're starting to feel a bit antsy about the Euro 2020 final interfering with your reality TV schedule, take a breather. You'll still be able to indulge in the tropical romantic adventures, but you'll have to readjust your schedule a tad—a minor inconvenience we'll just have to accept this week.  

Is Love Island not on tonight?

Good news, folks: there is! Not even a historic football match can keep viewers from their favorite show. Since England and Italy will be going toe-to-toe on July 11, Love Island is getting pushed back a bit, but you can still expect a new episode. (*Breathes a sigh of relief*) 

Why is Love Island on at 10pm tonight?

Instead of catching the steamy series at its normal 9 pm slot, it'll air at 10 pm, because of the aforementioned England match. Let's just hope it doesn't go into overtime... 

Be sure to stick around afterward. Love Island: Aftersun will make good on its name and air at 11 pm, so you might just want to accept the fact ahead of time that Monday morning might be a little rough. (All in the name of reality TV, right?) 

(If you're one of the 26+ million who is anxious to see how the game unfolds, BBC One will have coverage from 7 pm—10:35 pm at the earliest.)

The Islanders, for their part, are completely out of the loop with the outside world. As per usual, they won't be briefed on the football game, but that's totally fine considering there's enough entertainment in the villa to keep everyone busy. (Plus, after a recent security breach at the villa this week, it's safe to everyone has their hands full.) 

It appears that Tony and Kaz are headed for a bit of drama, as Chloe managed to insert herself into the equation. What does this mean for the supposed duo now? As ITV promises, "from crying to kissing, it's all going down." 

If your heart wasn't racing from the England-Italy match, it'll surely be racing now! We'll see you at the villa (at the new time). 

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