The definitive list of the most memorable Love Island moments of all time

With season eight finally here, we look back at the best Love Island moments in the history of the show...

Love Island Best Moments
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Ah, Love Island. Where do we start? The dating show of all dating shows is finally back for an eighth season this summer with a brand new Love Island line-up to get familiar with over the next eight or so weeks (this is how long Love island will be on for this year).

However, before we get hooked on life in the new set of singletons in the villa, we wanted to reflect back on some of our favorite moments in the ITV show's history because let's face it, there have been plenty. Not only has the show taught us a whole new language in the form of Love Island sayings but over the years, we've been provided with some TV gold. 

From heart-warming romances—some of whom have gone the distance considering the amount of Love Island UK couples still together—to hilarious bust-ups and awkward conversations, we've had our fair share of laughs and cries whilst watching. Here are just a few of the most memorable Love Island moments to date... 

When Lillie exposed Liam's Casa Amor antics

Ahh Liam. Like every year, Casa Amor is the time where all hell breaks loose on the show as the girls and the guys are separated into two villas and joined by six new bombshell's each. Well last year, one half of season seven winner Liam got a bit too friendly with new girl Lillie during his time away from partner Millie and when he returned single, she assumed he and stayed faithful and he went a long with it. However, *insert dramatic music* Lillie wasn't going to let him get away with it so she told all the islanders what had happened between her and Liam and it was safe to say the girls were shocked. Millie broke things off with Liam for a while (in villa time) before the two got back on track and ended up winning the show, who would have though!?!

The aftermath of Michael recoupling with Joanna at Casa Amor

"You didn't open up girl" is a sentence that still haunts season five winner Amber Rose Gill, according to one of her recent tweets (opens in new tab). Her heated argument with love interest Michael "Childish" Griffiths following his return from Casa Amor—where he chose to recouple with new girl Joanna, whilst Amber stayed loyal to him—is one of the most popular moments in Love Island history. Not only was Michael's recoupling speech excruciating to watch but his argument with Amber's bestie, Anna, caused a huge group row. We've all seen the memes of Michael swinging his drink around while calling Amber "childish", the irony of it all! 

The episode was definitely giving us all the drama we want and expect from Love Island. More, please! 

When Tom ruined it all with Maura 

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If you want a class A example of how to shoot yourself in the foot, season five's Tom has you covered. In one of the most awkward TV moments ever, the Islander, who was coupled up with Maura Higgins at the time, got incredibly cocky during a chat with the boys, telling them that it would be "interesting to see if she's all mouth" when the two were given a night in the hideaway. Little did he know Maura was right behind him and heard everything and it's safe to say she wasn't happy, as you can expect. 

What an idiot! 

When Malin returned to confront Terry

Cast your mind back to season two. Couple Malin and Terry were loved up from the beginning, appearing to be one of the strongest couples in the villa until Malin was dumped from the island, leaving Terry devastated... at least for a few hours. It didn't take long for him to forget all about her and crack on with new girl Emma Jane, despite promising to wait for her. So, in messy Love Island nature, the producers brought Malin back to confront Terry and it was explosive, to say the least.

When Wes told Laura he was recoupling with Megan

Season four's Wes found himself on the wrong side of his partner Laura when he told her he was recoupling with new girl, Megan. Not to anyone's surprise, it went terribly, leaving Laura furious at both Wes and Megan, who she later called a "slag" whilst the rest of the islanders eagerly watched the showdown from the firepit. Yikes!

Luke T asks Siânnise to be his girlfriend 

This moment truly melted all of our hearts. Season six runners-up Luke T and Siânnise are hands down among the cutest couples to ever come out of the show. Pulling out all the stops to make the moment he asked her to be his girlfriend special, Luke planned an adorable Disney-inspired treasure hunt around the villa for Disney-fanatic Siânnise to find her Prince Charming (him), with the help of some their fellow islanders - there wasn't a dry eye in out front rooms as we watched. The moment is made even sweeter now that they're still living together as a couple outside the villa and the cutest little puppy named Nala. It really is happily ever after! 

Anna vs Jordan 

Season five really was the season that kept on giving, wasn't it? The drama never stopped in the 2019 villa, with the boys and girls constantly clashing over betrayals and bad behaviour. In one of the most (if not the most) fiery argument on the show, Anna lashed out at Jordan (and rightly so) after he stuck it on new girl India, just days after asking Anna to be his girlfriend. Their fall out divided the entire villa and things were pretty awkward for a while afterwards.  

When Stormzy made an appearance in the villa

Back in season three, which is another one of our favourite seasons, Stormzy made a surprise cameo on the show when he paid the contestants a visit via Skype (before pandemic-favorite Zoom was a thing) to offer some much needed advice for Marcel, Kem and Chris, who were all major fans,  ahead of their villa talent show performance. It was iconic! 

However, the moment was made even better when Chris' partner Olivia—who had seen in a previous villa task that Stormzy had tweeted that Chris was "too good" for her—came to confront the grime star. 

When Rykard left the villa for Rachel

Back in season 2, Rykard made the ultimate romantic gesture that no one has done in such a way since. When his partner Rachel was dumped from the villa in an unexpected twist, he chose to leave the Island with her right there and then. It was dramatic, especially since they hadn't been coupled up for long, but cute nonetheless. Plus, it worked out well as the couple stayed together for 18 months after leaving the villa before breaking up. 

When Amy confronted Curtis 

This was heartbreaking to watch as it's never nice to see someone hurt. But of course, the internet did its thing and it wasn't long before Amy's tearful love confession to Curtis after his head had turned at Casa Amor, was a viral meme. Poor Amy!

When Josh left 'loyal' Georgia for Kaz

Casa Amor always throws a spanner in the works, even for the strongest of couples. However, this season four recoupling is up there with the best to date for all the wrong reasons. Following their time in Casa Amor, the boys returned to the villa with Josh leaving his former partner Georgia (who we all know prides herself in being loyal) for new girl Kaz. Watching them walk back into the villa hand-in-hand as a shocked Georgia watched was painful, to say the least!

Theo vs Johnny

Now, this was tense. Season three's Theo is one of the most memorable new arrivals purely for the fact that he caused such havoc in the villa. He certainly wasn't afraid to step on anyone's toes and when he attempted to sway Tyla away from Johnny by picking her during the recoupling ceremony, all hell broke loose. 

Can you tell we're ready for all the drama?!

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