Yes, Justin Timberlake pops up alongside wife Jessica Biel in 'Candy'

There is a Justin Timberlake 'Candy' cameo, but Jessica Biel's hubby isn't the only real-life spouse to make an appearance in the Hulu series

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake attend the Los Angeles premiere FYC event for Hulu's 'Candy' at El Capitan Theatre on May 09, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Justin Timberlake 'Candy' cameo
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They've been a Hollywood power couple for over a decade, but Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have never shared a scene onscreen before—until now. 

Yes, that rumored Justin Timberlake Candy cameo became a reality in the fourth episode of the Hulu miniseries, which centers on the real-life 1980 ax murder of Texan housewife Betty Gore at the hands of her close friend Candy Montgomery. 

In Candy, Jessica Biel stars as Montgomery, with Yellowjackets cast member Melanie Lynskey playing Gore and Orange Is the New Black alum Pablo Schreiber as Betty's husband Allan, but who does Timberlake play? The multi-hyphenate shows up in both episodes four and five in the small but pivotal role of Steve Deffibaugh, a Collin County crime scene investigator tasked to examine the Betty Gore murder. 

How did Biel choose which part her A-list hubby would play? And which other famous spouse shows up in the limited series? 

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

About that Justin Timberlake 'Candy' cameo

The idea to play the investigator was actually Justin's idea, not Jessica's. While reading scripts for the series, which Biel not only stars in but executive produces, Timberlake was drawn to the role of Steve Deffibaugh—so much so that he called up Biel's producing partner Michelle Purple and inquired about who was cast in the role.

“[Michelle's] like, ‘Oh, you know, probably a local hire—we spent our money on this other cast, so somebody great [who’s] local,’” Biel told Vanity Fair. “And [Justin] said, ‘Well, I think I see a way in here. I want to play this part.’ She’s like, ‘All right, sure,’ and then he’s like, ‘No, for real.’”

Biel said she never would have approached her famous partner for the part, "simply because I didn't think it was big enough for him," she told The Los Angeles Times. “I told him, ‘I cannot pay you much of anything. Are you sure?’ He’s like, ‘I don’t care. All I want is a prosthetic belly, a wig and a mustache.’ And I was like, ‘That we can do.’”

Jason Ritter joins 'Candy' cast

Timberlake isn't the only famous husband to make an appearance in the true-crime title. Melanie Lynskey's actor spouse Jason Ritter—known for TV roles on Joan of Arcadia, The Class, The Event, Raising Dion and his Emmy-nominated turn on Parenthood—stars alongside Timberlake as his onscreen police partner. 

The stunt casting tickled series co-creator Robin Veith, who told The Los Angeles Times: “It became a wildly wonderful thing to me, how meta it was getting. I thought, we can subconsciously remind the audience, ‘Don’t take what we’re saying here as fact; this is not a docuseries.’”

“They were so brilliant together," Biel told ET about the husbands' cameos. "Clearly, Jason is a comedic genius and Justin is in his own right as well. And the way they work off each other and the improv that they did, it was amazing to see."

It seems like a working partnership between Timberlake and Ritter turned into a bit of a bromance, with Lynskey sharing with ET: "They text all the time [and] had a lot of discussion about their character...there were long phone calls."

The grand finale of Candy will stream on Hulu beginning Friday, May 13. 

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