Have you heard the Leonardo Dicaprio and Gigi Hadid news?

'They've been seen hanging out with groups of people,' sources say of the buzzy new duo

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It looks like there's a new love interest for Leonardo DiCaprio: Gigi Hadid (well...possibly). 

The 27-year-old model and founder of the newly launched Guest In Residence knitwear line has allegedlly been out and about in New York with none other than the Titanic star. You don't say!

Not only does this come as a surprise to fans—DiCaprio just split with ex Camila Morrone—but it's shocking for the ageists who've noticed that Leo caps his relationships to women 25 and younger—Gigi's two years older.

Is this pair serious and will they soon be having the defining the relationship talk? (You can consider our interest piqued!)

Are the Leonardo Dicaprio and Gigi Hadid rumors true?

According to multiple sources, the duo are still "getting to know each other," and there are no titles as of yet. But according to People, the Great Gatsby actor is actively pursuing Gigi and has his eyes on her. Gigi, for her part, is allegedlly not defining anything yet.

"They've been seen hanging out with groups of people," the unnamed source confirmed to the publication. 

At this time, no photos have emerged of the two taking on the town, but Page Six reports that they were seen together at an exclusive party hosted by Leo's best buds, Richie Akiva and Darren Dzienciol, in SoHo on September 10. 

With more New York Fashion Week events coming down the pipeline, perhaps we'll catch sight of the two enjoying one of the city's best events. You'll have to bring your A-game when it comes to keeping an eye out. 

This all comes to light about one year after the alleged Zayn Malik, Yolanda Hadid fight where the 1D singer supposedly struck Gigi's mother, causing the pair to part ways. Together, they share 2-year-old daughter, Khai. 

Time will tell how things will unfold for Loverboy Leo and Miss Hadid, but we'll keep you posted with updates as soon as we learn more. 

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