Everything we know about Coco Lodge—from her Instagram to post-villa plans

Since leaving the villa, our Casa bombshell has been very busy

 Coco Lodge attends the "Bullet Train" UK Gala Screening at Cineworld Leicester Square on July 20, 2022 in London, England
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Casa Amor 2022 bombshell Coco Lodge didn't exactly have the smoothest ride in the villa. While she did make it into the main lineup with Andrew, her stay was short-lived but she's definitely making the most of the buzz IRL—with some exciting job opportunities and interviews! Here's everything you need to know about her...

For those who missed the mayhem that was the Casa recoupling, Coco successfully managed to turn Andrew's head and the pair coupled up together, until Tasha's return—which saw Andrew quickly do a 180 and break things off with her. Let's just say, some drama ensued and sadly Coco was dumped from the villa a few days later.

Despite her difficult Love Island journey though, Coco has been doing the most—from radio interviews to TikTok's with fellow ex-islanders.

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Coco from Love island's Instagram

You can find Coco’s Instagram by searching @coco_lodge (opens in new tab). Following her will see you join her already impressive and rapidly growing 76 thousand followers. 

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As for her content, before Love Island, she posted the classic influencer-esque selfies and a whole bunch of holiday snaps. Now though, she's updating fans on her latest interview appearances and jumping on all the TikTok trends, plus the odd Love Island meme.

Coco Lodge's Love Island 2022 journey

For those of you who might need a recap, Coco caught the eye of Andrew—who decided to explore his options away from Tasha, after hearing a number of things she has supposedly said about him. The pair hit it off, despite Andrew also apparently having a connection with fellow new girl Jazmine.

Coco and Andrew shared a number of smooches and a very NSFW moment—where he 'sucked her tit or whatever' which has now become a Love Island 2022 meme because of how Andrew relayed the story to Tasha upon her return.

Despite sharing a connection, Andrew told Coco after the Casa recoupling that he was no longer interested and he and Tasha reunited. Coco was then dumped from the villa a few days later.

Following her departure, Coco has spoken out about the cruel trolling she has received, posting a number of powerful TikToks about trying to cope with the vile messages and tweets she's been receiving. 

And then there's also the explosive interview with YouTuber Murad Merali, detailing Coco's alleged bullying she received in the villa from a number of the male contestants—who have already sparked an outcry for their 'misogynistic' behavior.

Now the Surrey beauty is 'making moves' to success, taking part in a number of interviews with her fellow islanders—and even rubbing elbows with some previous seasons alum's. Most recently she appeared on Capital FM and Heat's 'Under the Duvet' YouTube show.

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She's also upping her TikTok game, posting a number of videos with her Love Island bestie Chyna—poking fun at some of their Love Island antics.

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What was Coco Lodge’s job before Love Island 2022? 

The 27-year-old Surrey local has quite the resume—she was a graphic designer, a ring girl and a shot girl, before entering the villa.

Her ring girl career actually makes her the second person with that on their rap sheet to enter the villa—the first being Love Island season five legend, Maura Higgins. 

No word yet as to whether she'll be returning to her pre-villa career, but right now she's making the most of her social following!

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