The best Love Island UK 2022 memes: from Davide being an icon to the Casa Amor madness

We're living for every one of these memes

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It is an indisputable fact that no other TV show on earth supplies social media with as much meme-able content as Love Island—and let us tell you, Love Island season eight is no exception. While the show is only just getting started, the 2022 Love Island cast is already delivering the goods—so without further ado, here are the best memes from Love Island UK 2022.

For most Love Island fans, one does not simply watch the show, despite all its very memorable moments. No—to really enjoy and immerse yourself into the 'OG dating show,' you must also have all your social media apps open on your phone at all times, especially during the ad breaks to keep up with the conversation.

No detail or interaction goes unnoticed, or unpunished by Love Island fans (remember Chloe Burrow's 'No Way meme' becoming the hit Love Island UK 2021 meme?) and because of this we already have quite the repertoire of memes to send your way. 

The best 'Love Island UK' 2022 memes

1.The most awkward coupling up in Love Island history

One of the many changes to hit Love Island this year was the first coupling up—which in a shocking turn of events saw the public choosing the couples, rather than the classic stepping forward. This led to one of the longest ten minutes of all our lives...

Also, did we the 'public' miss the memo?

2. We forget, who's Gemma's dad again?

As many viewers will know, Gemma Owen is the daughter of English football star, Michael Owen—and is yet to name-drop him to the rest of the islanders...

If Gemma was a TikTok sound she would literally be: "I've been dropping so many hints. You're still not getting it." 

And that moment when the reveal almost came...

Fans are also theorizing about Liam's reaction to finally finding out who Gemma's dad is after he left the villa.

3. Luca hun, we get it

Luca after Davide entered the villa...

4. A happy day for Liam

In episode four, after having Gemma snatched by Davide, Liam (who also has a famous dad!) got to go on a double date with our two new bombshells... 

5. The girls on Liam's double date...

Little did Liam know that his dates would be happening back to back, with one bombshell just patiently waiting for her turn...

6. Why does no one want to be the person 'that gets up and makes everyone a coffee so everyone's ready for the morning?'

We are still yet to see one single Islander drinking a coffee—this would never happen under Curtis Pritchard's watch!

Thankfully for Curtis, he may be able to rest with the arrival of bombshell Ekin-Su—who has offered to be the one who makes everyone breakfast, so that's something!

7. Ekin-Su channeling pure chaos

Love her or hate her, Ekin-Su is exactly what this season needed...

8. Jake Cornish's ears must be burning...

Some of this years antics are reminding viewers of a certain toe-loving islander...

9. Keeping tabs on this love pentagon is becoming a full-time job

Back when we were no closer to finding out who likes who in the Paige, Luca, Andrew, Tasha, Gemma saga.

And may we never forget this reaction face from season seven's Millie Court...

10. Davide questioning all his life choices...

11. That kiss...

While a few passionate smooches come hand in hand with this iconic dating show, we weren't prepared for this game of tonsil tennis between Ekin-Su and Davide... 

12. Mom...

We were hoping this Toby meme would make it's way into this series!

13. Is it ' Gemma Island' now?

Love Island fans have been getting a bit frustrated with all the screen time Gemma and now her ex is getting, leading to the birth of this meme...

14. Does this make Luca the 'Italian starter'?

New bombshell Jay has boldly claimed that while Davide might be an 'Italian snack', he's the 'Italian main course'—what a line!


Perhaps the most iconic sentence to ever be uttered on the show. It came after Davide found out about Ekin-Su and Jay's secret meeting on the terrace which actress, Ekin had lied about—hence why Davide shouted: "You're a liar, an actress, go the f*** out!"

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16. The villa needs Millie on the keyboard right now

Following the emotional double dumping that saw both Amber and Ikenna leave the villa, it's fair to say the islanders needed a solo from Millie Court...

17. Welcome to 'Instigator' Island...

Jay, Jacques and Ekin-Su understood the assignment.

Especially Jacques, who always knows just how to stir the pot...

18. Mood lifting rap, anyone?

Remi's rap was giving Chris Hughes vibes...

19. When stars aligned for the first public vote...

20. Dami is sad, but not that sad

After Dami's original pair Amber was voted off just before he got a chance to tell her his head had been turned by Indiyah...sadness was not exactly his first emotion.

21. Davide is an icon, period.

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And we couldn't leave out the moment he took all the bedding from Ekin-Su...

22. Has some checked on Michael Owen after the Heart Rate Challenge?

The Heart Rate Challenge sure was X-rated this year and likely made for some very uncomfortable viewing for the moms and dads back home...

Also, Charlie hun—what was that?

23. Ekin-Su is the moment

Brb, downloading this playlist.

The best Casa Amor 2022 memes

It's fair to say that Casa Amor 2022 has been an eye-opening experience, all the boys we had such high hopes for have lost their heads—and we could be set to see the biggest and messiest recoupling in Love Island history

But while it's been a real dagger to the heart—it's also been top-tier telly, we've lived for every second, and we have the memes to prove it.

1. ITV, you're on thin ice.

First of all, can we start by saying ITV is on a roll this year and are being damn cruel with their cliff-hangers!

If anyone is being made to look like a 'mug'—as our islanders would say—it's us, because every time we fall for their teasers and promises of all the recoupling drama fitting into one episode...

2. "Do you want me to rap anyone, lift the mood a bit?"—Chris Hughes

Never before have we witnessed such an awkward start to Casa Amor. We could really have done with Chris Hughes' musical gifts to fill the silence...

3. Faith in men at an all time low rn

This just sums it all up, to be honest....

4. The saga of the ring

We were all screaming at our TVs after we watched Dami pack his ring in Indiyah's suitcase—only for her to not find it and feel sad that every other boy had seemingly left their girls a sentimental gift.

Now we wish she'd never found it though...

5. We've heard 'Celibate' is nice this time of year

Not Davide thinking 'celibate' was a place—we guess he can't relate...

6. Tasha really said "Andrew, who?"

If a picture could paint a thousand words, Ekin-Su and Gemma's facial expressions after Tasha said she hadn't found 'THE guy' yet, spoke volumes.

7. Awh, our favorite boyband just got two new members

Welcome to 'Destiny's Chaldish,' Dami and Jacques...

8. There can be only ONE!

Gemma and Jack fighting the battle for 'Who's dad is more famous'...

9. Jay watching all these boy move mad

Two weeks ago we never would've thought we'd be agreeing with Jay, but he seems just as shocked by the Casa antics as we are!

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10. Long-live Ekin-De

If these two don't reunite post-Casa, we give up.

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