'Love Island' fans applaud Indiyah's reaction to the Ekin-Su and Davide drama

Viewers were happy that Indiyah didn't defend Ekin-Su's actions after the Davide drama

Indiyah in the Beach Hut
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The drama was certainly real on Friday night's episode of Love Island UK 2022. Boiling from the previous night,  Davide Sanclimenti discovered that Ekin-Su and Jay had a secret smooch on the terrace, which set the villa on fire (here's how to watch Love Island UK if you need to catch up).

Branding Ekin-Su as a "liar", Davide told her that he didn't want to talk or ever deal with a "woman like her". 

While many of the guys supported Davide, Ekin-Su confided in the girls. Stating that she felt Davide was being "mean" and "rude", Ekin-Su began to tear up.

Paige, Ekin-Su and Gemma. Ekin-Su tells Paige and Gemma what’s happening.

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Although Paige and Gemma were shoulders to cry on, a few of the islanders, including Indiyah, weren't falling for the tears. As Andrew told Ekin-Su that she was wrong for lying, Indiyah asked in the beach hut if Ekin-Su was crying because she was upset, or "crying because she got caught out"?

Indiyah also didn't flinch when the tears came rolling down Ekin-Su's face.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: “Are you crying because you're upset or crying because you got caught out?” LOL INDIYAH #loveisland."

A second said: "Or are u crying bc u got caught out” HAHAHAH INDIYAH I LOVE YOU GIRL #loveisland #LoveIsland."

Sharing a picture of a confused expression, another commented: "Indiyah staring at Ekin Su crying: #loveisland."

Others commented: "Indiyah is giving us life in the villa #loveisland," "Indiyah watching Ekin Su crying #loveisland," and "Andrew and Indiyah speaking facts, soz Ekin #LoveIsland."

Despite the drama the night before, Ekin-Su still gave Davide a kiss on the cheek before picking Jay to kiss properly in the challenge. 

While we completely understand Ekin-Su feeling that Davide never showed her attention, we have to admit it wasn't right going behind his back to kiss Jay on the terrace.

Another surprise during the episode was bombshell Danica, who was the first person to be tasked with picking someone to couple up in the surprise recoupling.

But of course, Love Island wouldn't be Love Island without its cliffhangers. Just as she was about to say the person's name, the credits and closing music appeared on the screen.

We'll be back on Sunday night to unpack the next episode of the villa!

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