Love Island fans have a theory about Ikenna's 'situation' in the villa

Viewers were left thinking that Ikenna doesn't seem to be in the island to find a connection

Ikenna on Love Island
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Monday night's episode of Love Island UK 2022 began with a bang. While tension sparked between Ekin-Su and Amber, Indiyah revealed to Ikenna that something was missing in their relationship. Even when Indiyah asked him how he felt, he replied that he didn't know and that he noticed her and Dami got along very well.

Yesterday's episode showcased Dami revealing his interest in Indiyah, therefore it wasn't a surprise when he took Indiyah aside and told her how he felt, to which she hinted that she was open to getting to know him romantically also (here's how to watch Love Island UK if you need to catch up). 

With Ikenna's nonchalant response and the fact that he even suggested Dami in the conversation, many fans took to Twitter to express that Ikenna must be in the villa for a "free holiday".

One person said: "Ikenna is really here just for a free holiday how did he not even blink during that convo #LoveIsland."

A second wrote: "Ikenna has no chat, he’s just here for a holiday."

"Ikenna can definitely leave, this man came for a free holiday #LoveIsland," another wrote.

Others commented: "Ikenna wants to stay for a free holiday, INDIYAH AND DAMI need to happen #LoveIsland," "Ikenna has just gone on love island for a holiday I don’t think he’s interested in anyone," and "No one can convince me otherwise that Ikenna isn’t just there for a holiday. My guy just wants a free summer with extra followers #LoveIsland."

Indiyah and Dami chat.

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While we thought the idea of Indiyah and Ikenna was sweet, it looks like their romantic journey in the villa has come to an end. The two had another conversation and agreed that they would continue as friends. Now let's hope her and Dami get a move on!

Amber and Ekin-Su on Love Island

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The episode also saw Amber and Ekin-Su go head to head in two heated discussions. The first moment was when Amber advised Jay, who's coupled up with Ekin-Su, to speak with other girls in the villa. It's fair to say Ekin wasn't happy about that and made it clear to Amber.

Sitting to next to Jay, Ekin-Su then revealed that she felt a divide with the rest of the ladies, to which Jay said that he believed Amber and Paige didn't really like her. Taking Amber aside, Ekin-Su asked her if they had an issue. Amber then said that she believed she was playing a game. This then led to Ekin-Su stating that she believed Amber was insecure about her relationship with Dami.

Hearing the commotion, the other ladies got involved and Gemma told Ekin-Su that she didn't appear to be genuine.

Despite the drama, Ekin-Su and Amber apologised to one another the next day.

It's fair to say that the most nerve-racking moment of the episode was when they revealed the three boys and girls that had the lowest votes and were at risk of leaving the villa. After an intense round of text messages, the boys who received the lowest number of votes were Ikenna, Andrew and Jay, whilst the girls were Tasha, Ekin-Su and Amber.

We have to say, this was a surprise. Andrew and Tasha appear to be one of the strongest couples in the villa and Ekin-Su's big character has made her a very popular islander. But clearly, this hasn't been enough to secure their votes.

Leaving us on a cliffhanger yet again, tomorrow night's episode will see which boy and girl islander have the lowest votes and gets booted off the island.

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