Love Island fans surprised by Luca's reaction after the recoupling

Viewers spotted Luca's frustration after bombshell Danica chose to couple up with him

Luca on a date with Danica.
(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Certainly rocking up the villa, Sunday night's episode of Love Island UK 2022 kicked off with bombshell Danica choosing to couple up with Luca. This resulted in Gemma coupling up with her former villa partner Davide. And after Friday's chaos, it was no surprise when Ekin-Su chose to couple up with Jay (here's how to watch Love Island UK if you need to catch up).

Amber, Tasha, Paige and Indiyah chose to stay in their couples, resulting in Remi remaining single and having to leave the villa.

While it's great that Danica was confident enough to choose who she desired, it's clear to see that Luca's heart is with Gemma and it'll take a lot for his head to turn. Many fans couldn't help but notice Luca's anger when Danica chose him in the recoupling.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Absolutely HOWLING at how fuming Luca is. He’s practically sat on Ekin’s lap cos he doesn’t wanna be near the new girl #LoveIsland."

A second wrote: "Lol am I the only one that sort of understands why Luca is fuming. If that was me I’d be abit pissed too #loveisland."

Sharing a meme of someone covering their face, another tweeted: "Bad move Danica, Luca hadn’t even spoke to her. He’s fuming eeek!! #LoveIsland."

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Others commented: "Is Luca actually pretending he isn’t fuming about it????? Luca babes???? #LoveIsland," "How I’m watching knowing Davide is staying and Luca is fuming #LoveIsland," and "If Luca moved any further from where Danica was sitting, he’d be in the pool looooool he was fuming LOL #LoveIsland."

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Catching onto Luca's anger, Danica went to confront him and expressed her hopes for him to be open in getting to know her. However, Luca made it clear that he was sticking by Gemma and even sleeping on the sofa bed.

Speaking in the beach hut, Luca stated that he couldn't believe Danica was still "laying it on him" despite him saying he wasn't interested.

Despite the intense recoupling and Remi's departure, the vibes were certainly better the next day. Danica cleared the air with Gemma and also went on a date with Luca, where the two discussed potential partners for her in the villa.

It's fair to say things are looking very strong between Luca and Gemma and choosing to couple up with Luca wasn't a great move for Danica. But we won't be surprised if it doesn't take her long to find another islander to bond with.

Luca and Danica go on a date.

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Setting a change of course, Dami also revealed to Jay and Ekin-Su that he found Indiyah attractive but didn't know how to go about it due to being coupled up with Amber. Meanwhile, Indiyah revealed that she didn't believe there was a spark between her and Ikenna.

We'll have to wait and see for more villa action on Monday night's episode, but we're definitely up for something happening between Indiyah and Dami. 

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