'Love Island' fans think Tasha doesn't want Andrew

Viewers were left questioning Andrew and Tasha as a couple after the recouping

Tasha and Andrew on Love Island
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Friday night's episode of Love Island UK 2022 began with an intense villa. 

As the islanders prepared for the recouping, everyone had the question of who new bombshell Charlie was going to pick.

After seeing Tasha take interest in Charlie in the previous episode (here's how to watch Love Island UK if you need to catch up) viewers didn't know if the new bombshell would choose Tasha, Ekin-Su, Danica or newbie Antigoni. 

However, a shocking turn of events showed Charlie choosing Ekin-Su, Davide picking Antigoni and Andrew picking Tasha. Jay went on to couple up with Paige, leaving Danica being picked last by Jacques. Dami also coupled up with Indiyah and Luca got back with his leading lady Gemma.

Recoupling on Love Island

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Whilst it appeared to be a nice ending for Andrew and Tasha, who have been coupled up since day one, many of the boys weren't too happy about the coupling due to the fact that Tasha had taken interest in another guy the day before. Tasha also went on to cry when she spotted Dami and Luca shaking their heads when Andrew chose her.

Taking to Twitter, many fans believed that Tasha wasn't really happy about Andrew choosing her and believed that she would have preferred Charlie.

Charlie on Love Island

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One person said: "I do generally believe that Tasha is using Andrew to settle because if the new boys did pick her she would 100% be happy about it #loveisland."

A second said: "It’s better for Tasha to be truthful, she’s trying with Andrew but clearly not into him #LoveIsland."

"Why is Tasha playing the victim as if she didn’t tell the girls last night that the new boy has a quality that Andrew doesn’t, Kmt #LoveIsland," another said.

Others wrote: "Tasha is crying because doesn’t want to be with Andrew, she should just dead it, ik being around him makes her want to cry," "Tasha needs to stick with a narrative cause she’s not being real with Andrew #loveisland," and "Tasha does not like Andrew #LoveIsland."

Tasha and Andrew look great together, but Tasha stating that she was open to getting to know Charlie definitely raised some questions. We just hope no one gets hurt.

The island also saw Paige and Jacques remain extremely flirty and loved up despite Jay choosing her in the recouping. It's fair to say Paige's heart is with Jacques.

Teasing Sunday night's episode, viewers will be able to see Dami and Indiyah go on their first date! 

We'll keep you posted!

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