Marie Kondo’s new Container Store collection will make 2021 your most organized year ever

The new collection has 100-plus products that will definitely spark joy

Marie Kondo speaks on stage during the BlueCurrent session at the Cannes Lions 2019
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We've all read the book ("The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"), watched the Netflix show ("Tidying Up"), and decluttered anything that didn't spark joy from our homes. Now it's time to shop: Organizing queen Marie Kondo is back with a new Container Store collection packed with everything you need to get your home in spick-and-span order.

Featuring a whopping 100-plus products, the Container Store x KonMari collection has sustainably-sourced organizational items for your closets, kitchen, office, kids' rooms, and storage areas. We're talking bamboo baskets, ceramic food containers, sleek closet hangers, rattan desk organizers, and much, much more. Kondo tapped into her Japanese heritage as inspiration for some of the pieces, such as the minimalist "Hikidashi" drawer dividers that are primed for all of your T-shirts, folded in the upright KonMari Method, of course. 

The tidying expert, who announced this week that she is pregnant with baby number three, became a household name—literally—with the release of her internationally best-selling book back in 2011. In it, she preached the gospel of sorting through household items in categories and discarding what doesn't bring positivity into your life, to use tidying up as a way of turning your home into “a sacred space, a power spot filled with pure energy."

The Kondo collab isn't the first time that the retail chain has collaborated with a media-famous organizing guru. Last year,  the Container Store partnered with Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of the Home Edit, who also got the Netflix show treatment off the Instagram popularity of their color-coded storage solutions. You won't find rainbow brights in Kondo's collection, though—instead, the range is all about soothing, versatile neutrals that can work in any space. 

Take a look at some of our favorite pieces from the collection below:

Marie Kondo Cloud White Ceramic Bulk Canisters

(Image credit: The Container Store)
Cloud White Ceramic Bulk Canisters

Cloud White Ceramic Bulk Canisters| $19.99-$26.99

These countertop containers are chic vessels for flour, sugar, and all of your bulk dried goods. 

Marie Kondo Ori Rattan Honey Natural Curved Bins

(Image credit: The Container Store)
Ori Rattan Honey Natural Curved Bins

Ori Rattan Honey Natural Curved Bins | $29.99-$39.99

You can never have too many multipurpose baskets around the house, especially when they're as good-looking as these curve-handled catchalls. 

Marie Kondo Diagonal In-Drawer Organizer

(Image credit: The Container Store)
Diagonal In-Drawer Organizer

Diagonal In-Drawer Organizer | $49.99
This sleek divider will ensure that nobody ever mistakes your utensil drawer for the junk drawer again. 

Marie Kondo Clarity Document Box

(Image credit: The Container Store)
Clarity Document Box

Clarity Document Box | $14.99

Albert Einstein once said: "A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind." Tidy both by sorting your bills, birthday cards, and other important documents in these watercolor-printed boxes.'s-wall-mall_mounted-bookshelf/123d?productId=11014889

(Image credit: The Container Store)
Wheat Yellow Kid's Wall Mall-Mounted Bookshelf

Wheat Yellow Kid's Wall Mall-Mounted Bookshelf | $19.99

This adorable shelf may be marketed for kids, but we could totally see it used as a fun way to corral all of our nail polishes. 

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