This money-saving tip could completely change how you spend your paycheck

It's a real game-changer

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If you’re constantly finding yourself dipping into your savings, or feel your pay-cheque never seems to get you very far, this TikTok money-saving tip could be just the thing.

Saving money seems to just get harder and harder, even with the best money-saving apps—especially now that energy bills are rising, on top of all the other things we have to pay for, like rent. Plus, if you, like us just can’t resist the temptation of online shopping and buying all the viral TikTok items with your hard-earned cash—you can find a month’s pay has gone by and you have no savings to show for it.

That’s where this very handy money-saving tip comes in—and no, it doesn’t require you to deposit all your loose change into a tin, or sell a kidney. TikTok user Chloe Grayling (Lovechloejane) explains that while it can be tempting to buy all the things on your wishlist when payday hits, take a minute to really think about the item, and its price tag.


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Grayling says: “The best money-saving tip I know is offensively simple. Whenever you’re about to buy something, look and the item and then look at the price.”

She gives an example of a phone case, explaining: “This phone case, now look at the price, $25. Now imagine someone walking up to you at that moment, and offering you a choice. Either a free phone case or $25 in cash.

“If you need the phone case or you really want it, that’s what you pick, if you don’t, you’d go for the cash. In which case you leave this [the phone case] on the shelf, and this [the cash] goes back in your pocket. Gamechanger!”

The idea is to stop for a moment before hitting buy and think about what you would do if someone offered you the item or its equivalent in cash.

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Along with this clever trick, the video's comment section is also a goldmine, with viewers sharing their own tried and tested money hacks. 

One said: “I look at it as how many hours would I have to work to earn enough to pay for it.”

Another commented: “I always add things to my basket & then wait 24hours & if I’m still thinking about the items I’ll get them & if not then I don’t—it saves me so much.” This one sounds like a bit of us!

A third added: “I once heard 'if you can’t afford 2 you shouldn’t get 1' that’s worked for me.”

While it’s easy to get swept up in the dopamine rush of buying a new outfit or pair of shoes, sometimes you need to pause and take a minute. Think to yourself: "Do I actually want and need this or do I just want to buy something." Food for thought, guys!

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