Score up to 69% off on these National Sex Toy Day deals

A very happy National Sex Toy Day to you and yours. Do check out what the buzz is all about!

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and National Sex Toy Day is kicking things off with a bang, quite literally. (Oh, you thought we were talking about Black Friday? No no, not this time.) 

The steamy celebration is a perfect excuse to revive your self-love routine, and with a whopping 69% off at your favorite retailers, you cannot afford to say no. The best app-controlled vibrators and other sexy goodies are waiting! 

Since the options are aplenty, we took the liberty of perusing Babeland and GoodVibrations' best deals in the event you need a second opinion. No need to thank us!

National Sex Toy Day deals

, $10.85

Babeland, Gyro-G Vibrator ($34.99, $10.85

Stimulate your g-spot with the help of this battery-operated, waterproof massager with side-to-side vibrations that will send you abuzz. It's perfect for a solo sesh or one with a partner. 

, $1.86

Babeland, Dirty Dice ($6, $1.86)

This ain't your typical dice from a Monopoly set. Dirty dice up the ante with frisky requests—you'll have to roll to see what you land on.


Babeland, Aria Vivacious Vibrator ($126.50 $39.22)

With 10 distinct vibration functions, you'll g-spot will certainly be grateful. Plus, the toy is waterproof and has a bendable shaft, making it extra versatile in various situations. Note that this is a web-exclusive offer. 

Good Vibrations, Noje Rechargeable Mini Wand 2 ( $21.08

Good Vibrations, Noje Rechargeable Mini Wand 2 ($67.99 $21.08)

Ideal for beginners, the Noje Rechargeable Mini Wand 2 has 10 vibration settings and doubles as a body massager. Note that this is a web-exclusive offer.


Good Vibrations, Kyss Rechargeable Lipstick Vibrator ($36.99 $11.47)

Is that makeup, or...

This petite toy is little but fierce with 10 functions and waterproof material. You'll certainly want to keep it in your cosmetics bag. 


Good Vibrations, Please Arousal Cream ($16.00 $4.96)

Long-lasting arousal cream in a citrus scent, this product is a must when playing with sex toys.

If your find yourself with a lengthy receipt upon check out, be sure to read up on how to clean sex toys, with tips straight from the experts. 

Be sure to visit Good Vibrations and Babeland for a full list of sale items.

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