The best sex position to try based on your zodiac sign

Frisky fun ahead! Experts spill on the best sex position based on your zodiac sign

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Curious to uncover the best sex position based on your zodiac sign? Those astrological birth charts can be awfully telling.

Whether you're looking to give a few 2023 sex trends a try, or if you're searching for something spicy ahead of Valentine's Day, star-sign specifics just might be able to point you in the right direction. (Speaking of which, you've had a look at your 2023 love horoscope predictions, right?) 

Sex and relationships expert Melissa Stone of Joy Love Dolls has dipped into the study of the stars to uncover how each of the 12 signs specifically could benefit from a new sexcapade, so prepare for a frisky evening in your future.

What's the best sex position based on your zodiac sign?

So, what does your chart reveal? Each position is tailored to the particular sign's needs, personalities and likes, so the pros are using specifics for nailing down a winner, but there's certainly no judgment if you want to mix things up and try one versus another. 

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1. Aquarius: Cowgirl

Cowgirl style allows this air sign to be experimental and tune in to her curiosities. 

"The benefit of this position is you choose the pace, depth and angle of penetration,"  Stone says. "What's not to love?

To attempt, one partner must lie flat on their back with their legs out straight whilst the other sits straddling on top of them, facing towards each other (or reverse for those who are in an extra adventurous mood). 

2. Pisces: Missionary

You know this emotional water sign will want to make sex a sensual experience, and it doesn't get more intimate than missionary, despite complaints. 

"The position requires both people to be face-to-face, with intense eye contact allowing couples to feel incredibly intimate, therefore valuing closeness and emotional connections," Stone says. 

Oh, and science says it's the best position for orgasming, so that's a feather in Missionary's cap for sure.

3. Aries: The Wheelbarrow

The fire sign is bold and passionate, so needless to say that's the case in the bedroom. The Wheelbarrow truly turns sex into an adventure and makes things more playful for the parties involved.

"The receiving partner starts on the floor and uses their hands to balance in a plank-like position whilst the giving partner stands and holds the receiving partner’s legs to resemble a wheelbarrow shape," Stone says.

4. Taurus: The Flat Iron

No, we're not referring to the haircare tool, folks. This sex position plays into a Taurus' need for compassion and love (a must considering they're ruled by Venus, the planet of love).

"This position is incredibly passionate and great for switching things up, Stone says. "The Flat Iron position involves the receiver lying facedown on the bed, pelvis lifted up (made easier by placing a pillow underneath her hips) while the other person enters from behind."

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5. Gemini: 69

"They want the best of both worlds, so 69 is the sex position that can let their inhibitions explore while simultaneously giving each other oral sex," Stone says.

This is a great way for the curious air sign to do some exploring.

6. Cancer: The Face-Off

A sensitive, homebody like Cancer will appreciate the intimacy, and The Face-Off goes above and beyond. 

"The position builds feelings of closeness and trust as one partner takes a seat and the receiving partner climbs onto their lap wrapping their arms around the penetrating partner's back while the other thrusts and penetrates while standing in front of them," Stone says.

7. Leo: Doggy Style

Doggy style allows a bold Leo who loves the spotlight a chance to be affectionate. 

"Doggy involves getting on all fours, while the person penetrating stands or kneels behind their partner entering the first person from behind," Stone says.

8. Virgo: The Leap Frog

The loyal, trustworthy Virgo will welcome the opportunity to be a tad playful, and the Leap Frog, which starts out like Doggy, could become a fan favorite.

"Press the top half of your body down, so you’re resting your head, chest and arms on the bed which creates deeper penetration and gives the receiving person a chance to rest on a pillow," Stone says.

9. Libra: The Seashell

Libras might have a hard time making up their minds, but a little indecisiveness is the beauty of the Seashell. 

"You'll need to lay back balanced with your legs as far back as they will go allowing deep penetration," Stone says. "The Seashell position allows [Libras] to be tender, flexible and fun, which gets its name from how the woman's body is bent up like a shell, giving her partner total access."

10. Scorpio: The Corkscrew

A passionate and loyal Scorpio will enjoy a little boldness in the bedroom, and the Corkscrew delivers. 

"The receiving partner sitting on the edge of the bed. They then need to turn onto one side, resting on the hip and using their arm for support," Stone says. "From here, the penetrating partner stands and straddles the receiver, entering from behind."

11. Sagittarius: The Spread Eagle

Sagittarius are thinkers who are open to experimentation. 

"The Spread Eagle is a perfect position for them, similar to the missionary position, except the person on the bottom has their legs spread out to the sides," Stone says.

12. Capricorn: Spooning

No, this isn't a typo: spooning is not just reserved for cuddle time on the couch. 

As a sign who values comfort and tender love, the spooning sex position gives them the emotional and intimate aspect of sex," Stone says. "[It] lets you go from side-by-side snuggling to sex in record time!"

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