Will fans ever get a new Rihanna album? Here's what bad gal RiRi has to say about more music

What's this, Rihanna? New album intel? Do go on...

Rihanna poses for a picture as she celebrates her beauty brands fenty beauty and fenty skin at Goya Studios on February 11, 2022 in Los Angeles, California
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What's this, Rihanna? New album intel? Is it finally happening?!

The Rihanna and A$AP Rocky baby news has shaken the internet to its core, and fans cannot believe that RiRi will soon be called mommy. But, of course, this monumental reveal leads to questions about the other baby in her life: long-awaited new music.

Rihanna new album: is it happening?

Looking back, one clairvoyant fan's tweet from early 2020 is now going viral in the wake of the star's big pregnancy news: "Random Prediction: Rihanna will get pregnant and release an album at age 33," @kookiesV1 wrote. 

Well, she is currently 33 years old and she is definitely pregnant, so that could only mean that the other half of this prediction will come true, right? 

Heck, even Lizzo seems to think it's going to happen.

The year 2022 will definitely be a monumental one for our favorite singer-turned-entrepreneur.  We know for certain she's having a baby and opening her first brick-and-mortar Fenty stores. A new album would be the trifecta of goodness, so let's keep the positive vibes out there.

However, other fans seem to believe that this kiddo will bump any album plans further down the road—possibly getting rid of the notion entirely. Many took to Twitter to express their concerns.

But it looks like the singer and mogul herself wanted to put fans' theories to rest, and obviously true devotees are forever grateful. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, she touched on her pregnancy, whether or not Fenty will go the baby route ("One thing at a time," she said) and, of course, if she's retired from the music industry. 

"Well, yes, you’re still going to get music from me,” RiRi assured us. "Not a lullaby. My fans would kill me if they waited this long for a lullaby."

There you have it, folks—a studio album is a go! Just don't expect it any time soon. At the moment she is rightfully focusing on her pregnancy and said: "There’s always something new and I’m just taking it and I’m enjoying it."

Until Rihanna returns to the studio for more bops, we'll be anxiously following along until baby makes its grand arrival!

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