Sex on the first date? Here's where people stand, according to a new survey

Lovehoney decided to dig deep into the topic

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Like everything else, the dating world has changed considerably over the past two years. 

While some people are open to sex on the first date, others find themselves hesidating and questioning what they want out of a relationship. It seems the pandemic has altered our timelines and our views, even when it comes to romance

According to a new study from Lovehoney, there are plenty of people open to intimacy on a first encounter, and the findings dip deep into people's behaviors. 

Sex on the first date? Here's what people think

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Lovehoney polled over 2,000 Americans to see where they stand on the issue, and nearly half (49%) of people who participated admitted to getting frisky on a first date, but there are some talking points worth mentioning: just under 60% of men have acted on this whereas only 43% of women have taken the leap. Over 70% of men are open to the idea, but a staggering 61% of women are not. Per the findings, 31% of 18-24-year-olds and 42% of those over 50 said yes, but 45-54-year-olds have the most experience with first-date sex. 

Regardless of the numbers and percentages, psychotherapist Rachel Wright (MA, LMFT) says it's crucial to talk about sex with your partner to figure out where you both stand. 

"Wherever you fall on this spectrum is perfectly okay, and it's encouraged to talk to the person you're going out with about it," Wright says. "Be honest with yourself and the person you're going out with about your expectations of yourself and them."

She also makes the argument that there no rules anymore: there isn't a three-date minimum, and those who do participate in something intimate right away should not be ashamed. 

The bottom line? Do whatever works for you. There's no need to be stressed about sex, worried about when to have it, when you think you need to have it and how often you should have it. The only rulebook you need to play by is yours.

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