So, what's up with the Shakira and Rauw Alejandro Puerto Rico getaway?

We're confused, too. Shakira, Rauw Alejandro and a tropical vacation seems odd after his public split from Rosalía

Shakira, Rauw Alejandro
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The Shakira, Rauw Alejandro getaway wasn't on our 2023 Bingo cards, and neither was the Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro split.

After a tumultuous week, the public learned that the "Tuya" singer broke up with her partner of three years, sending fans into a tailspin. Then, to make matters more surprising, Rauw was spotted later in the week with his "Te Felicito" collaborator, Shakira, who was vacationing with her children. 

Between this impromptu get-together and the Ariana Grande/Ethan Slater pairing, we're starting to feel like things are going a bit haywire in Hollywood, wouldn't you say?

Inside that Shakira and Rauw Alejandro vacation

According to Daily Mail photos that emerged on Thursday, July 27, Rauw joined Shakira and her two sons, Milan and Sasha, while vacationing in Puerto Rico. The images show the quartet swimming in a lake.

The timing is definitely a bit suspicious, considering both parties happen to be out of serious relationships. However, sources allege that the two have been friendly since partnering on "Te Felicito" last year, meaning their get-together while abroad is simply platonic. (And no, there's no funny business in the photos.) 

Additionally, Shakira is rumored to be seeing NBA star Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat, though their connection is still in its early stages. So while the Puerto Rican holiday seems harmless, it's still a bit unexpected right after fans globally fell apart upon hearing your breakup news. 

But perhaps a relaxing getaway is what Rauw needed. After news of the split surfaced, people began to ask, "Did Rauw cheat on Rosalía?" and he felt as though he needed to defend himself. 

He took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday, July 26, saying: "Yes, a few months ago, Rosi and I ended our engagement. There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup, but in our case, it was not due to the fault of a third party or infidelity. During this time that I am taking to assimilate all this, erroneous public allegations have arisen and out of the respect I have for her, our families, and everything we live through, I could not remain silent."

One day later, Rosalía shared her side of the story also via Instagram Stories. 

"I love, respect, and admire Raul very much. I don't pay attention to peculiarities, we know what we have experienced. This moment is not easy, so thanks to everyone for understanding and respecting," she wrote. 

Should more news surface as the getaway you didn't see coming keeps going, we'll keep you posted.

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