Simone Ashley, Netflix darling, makes a big reveal about her role on the platform

'I get asked that all the time,' the 'Bridgerton' actress has confessed

simone ashley at the bridgerton season 2 premiere
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Simone Ashley, Netflix queen and regency romance sensation, has some news. 

No need to worry about her fate in Bridgerton season 3, dear readers: Ashley will make her way back to the ton and continue the Kanthony love story. (*Breathes sigh of relief.*) But we can't say the same for another Netflix hit. 

Simone Ashley in Sex Education on Netflix

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Simone Ashley Netflix update

As it turns out, Ashley won't reprise her role as The Untouchables clique member Olivia Hanan in Sex Education season 4. We know, we're just as disappointed as you are to hear this update. 

When the actor took some time to sit down with  ITV’s This Morning on April 12, she answered a few Q's about her time walking the halls of Moordale and if she'll be returning to Sex Ed. 

"I get asked that all the time,” she said. "No, I'm a Bridgerton girl now."

There's no telling how the writers will deal with her character's absence quite yet, but we're certainly not pleased that she'll be cutting ties with one of our favorite series. We anticipate the next installment will arrive sometime this fall, so perhaps she could rearrange her filming schedule to accommodate our wishes. 

(OK, OK, we understand. We'll stop now.) 

Though Olivia Hanan might be no more, Kate Sharma is an intrinsic part of Mayfair high society, and we could not imagine stepping back into 1813 London without her presence. Not only did she make the long-awaited Bridgerton love triangle extra enticing, but she changed the game for the romance genre: Bridgerton’s South Asian representation was a win all around.  

Ahead of the show's season 2 premiere, Simone Ashley told Elle Australia: "Someone has to change the game sometime! Look at all the incredible movies, TV shows and artists out there of Desi heritage."

She added, "Indian girls are so beautiful, and I am so happy to see more and more projects being made that involve all of us!"

We can't wait to see what this budding new actor has in store for us next—especially when she returns to regency times.

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