Snail sex toys are slithering into the sexual wellness space, and you'll need one for yourself

Sometimes moving at a snail's pace isn't such a bad thing

a woman in bed on a pink background with snails, meant to symbolize snail sex toys
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In today's see-it-to-believe-it news, snail sex toys have slowly been working their way into the limelight. Though the critter is often overlooked in nearly every facet of life, the gastropod has made a name for itself in the sexual wellness space for its twofold capabilities.

Rose sex toys have risen to fame on TikTok and mushroom vibrators are causing a buzz, but Lovers' Snail Vibe Vibrator takes pleasure up a notch from its other nature-themed counterparts by stimulating both the vagina and clitoris. We might not want to see this baby in the garden, but the bedroom is another story.

Shop the snail sex toys

If you're thinking about adding these intricate-looking gizmos to your collection, do be sure to also take a look at our expert-back guide for solo sex techniques. According to sexologist Ness Cooper, it's crucial to get to know yourself well without a partner.

"I think what’s most important is to focus on spending time with yourself and get to know your body," she previously told My Imperfect Life. "Get yourself in a relaxed state and become aware of the sensations going through your body."

What's to love about snail sex toys?

Yes, this sex toy is shaped like the shelled invertebrates for shoppers' benefit. Its silicone lower arm penetrates while the snail's shell uncoils the deeper the lower arm goes. It ensures that all erogenous zones are getting simultaneous TLC and nothing is being ignored. Plus, it features five settings and speeds, which is more than we can say for a regular 'ol snail. (No offense, guys.) 

To make the solo sex experience even more enticing, you can also opt for The SnailVibe Curve, a new take on the original that aligns with the body's curves for an even more personalized sensation. Snails! Who knew?

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If snail sex toys strike your fancy, you might want to consider a few more unique goodies. As mentioned, the rose sex toy is a crowd-pleasure for its features: it's portable, waterproof, versatile, and comes with 10 suction modes. Meanwhile, the mushroom cap design provides multi-faceted stimulation and 15 modes. Then, there's the unicorn sex toy, which you might mistake for a home decor piece. It features 20 mix-and-match functions, 10 vibrating features, and 10 licking features

No other humans are required, but snails, mushrooms, roses, and unicorns are welcome. And don't worry, we spoke to the pros about how to clean your sex toys so that you're having fun and staying healthy and safe, too. 

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