This rose sex toy is *huge* over on TikTok—here's why everyone is loving it

Every rose has its thorns—but not Lovehoney's viral gadget

the lovehoney rose sex toy on a bed of pink roses
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No thorns here: TikTok's fan-favorite rose sex toy has found endless love across FYPs, and that affection only appears to be growing.

While some TikTok sex hacks are questionable at best, platform users and sex professionals are in agreement that Lovehoney's clitoral stimulator is definitely worthy of the fanfare. Should your nightstand collection need an upgrade, or if you just feel like treating yourself, now is the time—especially with that major discount. 

Why are people loving the rose sex toy on TikTok?

Why is the Lovehoney Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator—its proper name—getting so much hype? Specifically, 274.5 million views and counting under the hashtag #rosesextoy? 

TikTokers say "nothing can compare to it" and a Lovehoney shopper confessed that the product "taught me things I didn't know I could do." It's a game-changer that's taking self-love to rosy new levels, quite literally. 

The portable, waterproof, and versatile gadget—it comes with 10 suction modes that you'll appreciate exploring—boasts plenty of great features that catapulted it into "TikTok Made Me Buy It" status. 

Plus, there are a few renditions of the beloved classic that up the ante, such as the added egg vibrator to simultaneously target the G spot. Should you really feel compelled to splurge, there's also a rose that comes with a G-spot vibrator. (Note: the latter two products are not currently discounted.) 

As much as the roses sex toy is beloved, do not that it is not one of the quieter accessories available, and that charging at times can feel a little clunky, but all in all, customers have not been deterred!

Shop Lovehoney's TikTok-famous rose sex toy:

Get 30% off the OG floral find, and be sure to check out a few other crowd-pleasing Lovehoney roses

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