Mushroom sex toys are sprouting up in the self-pleasure space—here's why you need one

Three cheers for 'shroomgasms'!

lower half of a woman in bed in her underwear on an orange mushroom background
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Cute and handy (quite literally), mushroom sex toys are having a moment and taking pleasure in a playful new direction. 

Though you might've had a strict no-fungi rule in the bedroom before, these innovative gadgets—much like Lovers' inflatable sex toys and TikTok's favorite rose sex toy—will inspire you to rethink your collection. After all, who doesn't appreciate a little creativity? 

Not only is Lovers 'shroom-inspired new line adorable (we might've mistaken the pieces for home decor items, honestly), but they're *very* functional. 

Shop Lovers' Mushroom Sex Toys

In some cases, the best sex toys aren't always the most creative, colorful or unique. Rest assured that's not the case here. 

"Our new mushroom-themed sex toys are designed to provide pleasure that’s both visually enchanting and incredibly satisfying," said Jen May, the vice president of marketing at Lovers. "The 'cap' design at the top of the curved shaft of some of these toys provides multi-faceted stimulation, another reminder that Mother Nature knows best."

There are three items in the collection worthy of attention. The Shroomie Rechargeable Mushroom Vibrator is versatile with 15 functions, while the Jessi Trippy Mushroom Mini Bullet is a discreet gadget that's tiny but mighty. (Ten vibrating functions and 100% submersible!) Then there's the Pixies Exciter Vibrator, which is super-flexible, customizable, and waterproof. 

And, as previously mentioned, they're adorable-looking. (Just be careful not to place one on your bookshelf or atop a mantle because it is not a home accent, as much as it might look like one!)

After your 'shroomie shopping spree, be sure to have a look at these sexpert-backed fall sex tips that will help you make the most out of the season ahead. (We love spice in the autumn, don't we, folks?) When all is said and done, and your goodies have been secured, be sure to have a look at our guide on how to clean sex toys so your goodies will stay safe and in tip-top shape.

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