Cult sustainable activewear brand TALA just dropped a dreamy new collection

The seven-piece collection has been designed to "hug like a second skin"

Tala Skinluxe collection
(Image credit: Tala)

If you've been shopping at some of the best sustainable activewear brands in attempts to live a more conscious lifestyle, then eco-friendly activewear brand TALA's latest collection is the one for you.

The brand, who prides itself in having a "slow fashion approach to sustainable style that doesn’t break the bank, or our planet," has launched a new range titled SkinLuxe™.

Tala SkinLuxe™ collection

(Image credit: Tala)

Tala SkinLuxe collection | Available now from $42 (£32) 

<a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Tala SkinLuxe collection | Available now from $42 (£32) 

The new collection, made up of seven pieces, is available to buy now - but hurry, they usually sell out fast...

The collection is made up of seven pieces including leggings, two crop tops, cycling shorts, a long sleeved top and a cropped long sleeve top. All of the material used is lightweight, smooth fabric which the brand says has been designed to hug you like a second skin. The sustainability credentials are impressive too -  all pieces are sustainably made using 76% recycled Nylon and 24% LYCRA® Sport for enhanced performance.

Tala SkinLuxe collection

(Image credit: Tala)

Each of the pieces have also been created with movement in mind, meaning they are suitable for the utmost versatility and optimum performance, according to the brand. 

Available in both a shadow black and tornada grey shade, you can take your pick when shopping the collection. And speaking of shopping, you'll be pleased to hear that you won't be doing too much damage to your band account as prices range between $42 (£32) and $71 (£54).

Tala SkinLuxe collection

(Image credit: Tala)

If we were you, we'd fill our baskets now - especially if you're in the UK. Last month, it was reported that the country could face a shortage in loungewear and activewear very soon. The news broke after a report by The Guardian warned that retailers in the UK are struggling to keep up with the enormous demand for athleisure and streetwear items this year. 

The shortage is a result of the varied COVID-19 restrictions around the world, with different nations having their own sets of rules and regulations due to the pandemic, making it difficult for retailers to get their stock from their warehouses overseas, particularly in countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia. 

However, it hasn't become an issue just yet as most brands are still selling both existing and new sportswear and loungewear products. 

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