There are three types of orgasms women can experience, according to science

Here's what you need to know about those O's

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Science says women can experience three types of orgasms, proving that the big O is truly an art form. 

When feeding into those surprising sexual turn-ons or experimenting with the best sex toys, women's pelvic floors are likely to respond with a trio of different sensations, all of which seem to coincide with natural disasters, but we get it—those finales can feel explosive.    

Yes, there are three types of orgasms:

Professor James Pfaus at Charles University in Prague conducted a study in which 54 women were given a Bluetooth-connected vibrator, the Lioness, to determine the rhythm of movements in the final moments of sexual activities. 

"We are doing a long-term study of women using the Lioness to see how these different patterns are experienced subjectively as orgasms, as levels of pleasure, [and] where the stimulation that induces them largely comes from," Dr. Pfaus said, according to Huffington Post UK

Ready for the findings? Drumroll, please...

1. The wave

Women most often experience the wave orgasm, which translates to "undulations or successive contractions of tension and release." This was the final result for 26 out of the 54 test subjects.

2. The Avalanche 

The second-most common type of orgasm is the avalanche. The 17 volunteers who experienced this found that they had higher pelvic-floor tension that lowers as the orgasm gets underway. 

3. The Volcano

The least likely outcome, according to the research, is the volcano. This means women experience lower pelvic-floor tensions that explode upon orgasming. 

Who would've thought that there are different types of ways to experience this pleasure? Well, considering there are such things as blended orgasms and orgasm control, it's safe to say the phenomenon has many components to it. 

Whether you're looking to ride the waves, experience an avalanche or decompress after a volcanic eruption, another science-backed finding indicates that this pose is the best sex position for orgasming. Can you guess which?

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