10 surprising sexual turn-ons no one saw coming

Ordering pizza is one of the most surprising sexual turn-ons out there—can you guess the other top contenders?

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If you want to get your significant other hot and bothered, pick up a...broom? 

There are plenty of sexual turn-ons to help couples get in the mood, and believe it or not, some have nothing to do with steamy foreplay ideas or the best sex toys. (Well, when you stop to think about it, what's more satisfying than a clean house?)

MattressNextDay decided to put its Nancy Drew skills to the test to reveal the most popular sexual stimuli for Brits, and they range from super-seductive to, quite frankly, pretty mundane. 

The findings also uncovered that only 27% of couples get down to business on a weekly basis, so perhaps these stats will act as inspiration to get busy between the sheets. 

And if the whole doing chores thing doesn't quite cut it for you—though the clean freaks among us aren't sure why they wouldn't—have a gander at the best sex games that will surely put you and your beloved in a sexy state of mind. 

10 surprising sexual turn-ons we didn't see coming:

Ready to see what makes your partner swoon? Through research and combing Reddit feeds helped MattressNextDay discover the following: 

1. A woman stretching and tying up her hair (3,900 upvotes)

Whenever a woman is tying her hair back, she means business. She needs her strands out of her way so that she can get things done.  

"It signals to your partner that you’re making yourself more flexible, which naturally suggests that you will be able to utilize more body positions should you have sex," says Martin Seeley, CEO of MattressNextDay.

Might as well grab a comb and scrunchie and get to it.

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2. A man in a suit rolling up his sleeves (2,250 upvotes)

Hubba, hubba! 

3. Watching someone do something they are passionate about (2,200 upvotes)

It's always inspiring to see what makes your partner tick and how that passion is something you can both share.   

4. Doing chores around the house (2,200 upvotes)

A clean and healthy home is of the utmost importance. If you thought the Swiffer was just for collecting and discarding dust, you're mistaken.

Coloritto Modern Herringbone Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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5. Gazing at your partner (2,000 upvotes)

A little eye contact is actually one of sexperts' preferred sex tips as it creates an intimate bond. 

"Slowing everything down by gazing into each other’s eyes and taking slow synchronized breaths before slowly building up to foreplay, with longer touches, kisses, strokes and licks can build an even deeper connection between you and your partner," Isabelle Uren of Bedbible.com previously told My Imperfect Life. 

6. Getting out of the shower (1,400 upvotes)

Before you turn off the water and reach for the towel, perhaps you'd like to familiarize yourself with expert-backed tips for how to have shower sex

7. A strong woman (921 upvotes)

No surprise there! 

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8. Someone with a low, slow voice (616 upvotes)

*Clears throat*

9. Spontaneously ordering a pizza delivery (522 upvotes)

We need a little sustenance. Maybe if you're ordering Sicilian slices to spice things up, skip out on the garlic knots this go-around!

10. Being lightly touched on the back of your head or neck (465 upvotes)

"Being physically touched releases oxytocin in your body, which is otherwise known as the ‘bonding hormone', which is essential for any relationship," says Pippa Murphy, the sex and relationship expert at Condoms.uk.

Do you agree with the findings? Which one speaks to you? (Certainly the chores bit, right?)

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