Which viral TikTok sex hacks actually work? An expert reveals all

From 'coregasms' to the pillow strick, these TikTok sex hacks have been taken over the bedroom...

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If you've seen increasing numbers of TikTok sex hacks pop up on your feed, then you'd be forgiven for raising an eyebrow. After all, if the app's many tenuous recipe hacks and disappointing hairstyling tricks are anything to go by, how much can we trust the popular platform to effectively help spice things up in the bedroom?  

That said, it's clear that social media users are a willing audience for the best sex tips popping up on their screens—with everything from 'coregasms' to the pillow trick recently going viral as ways to boost pleasure. But, with the steady stream of feel-good advice, it can be difficult to tell which saucy pointers are actually worth a try.

With that in mind, we've gone straight for the expert take on which nuggets of sex advice we should be trusting from TikTok. Read on to find out which tips Dr Janet Brito, an AASECT-certified sex therapist and supervisor at Lovehoney, thinks might actually lead to more frequent orgasms...

Which TikTok sex hacks actually work?

1. Coregasms

Meet coregasms: the possibility of experiencing sexual bliss while exercising your abs. Is it too good to be true? Who gets that much pleasure from working out? As it turns out, it is very much a possibility, particularly when doing exercise like indoor spinning or riding a bike outdoors.

Dr Brito notes that there are a few things to take into consideration before saddling up. "Coregasms work for non-sexual orgasms due to an individual’s anatomy and physiology, headspace at the time of the exercise and repetitive motion of the exercise," she explains. "They are not necessarily linked to erotic content, but more associated to repetitive body movements."

2. Sex hand trick

A TikTok user, @nurse.ria11, has claimed that the sex hand trick can help stimulate the G-spot. She earned viral attention by stating that pressing down (slightly) on the lower stomach, over the vagina, can help increase pleasure during sex. 

So, does it actually work? Well...yes and no. "The stomach sex hack may work for some, but the most important thing is to experiment, as some folks may experience more sensation around other areas of the pelvis," says Dr Brito. "Trying new moves to create pleasurable sensations is always a good idea, with consent of course."

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3. Pillow sex trick

To hell with the make-up tutorials—TikTok also went wild for a time over a viral pillow sex tip. It stated that tilting your pelvis upwards by putting a pillow underneath your body will lead to extra pleasure and deeper penetration.

Dr Brito agrees that it works. She explains that it will make "penetrative sex more comfortable [and] easier to experiment with various angles".

4. Tantric sex

It might not be the new sex trends, but tantric sex has been given a new lease of life on TikTok. This method focuses on step-by-step moves and attempts to familiarize partners with what makes them each tick. 

"By being curious about one’s body’s sensations, and practicing a nonjudgemental stance, tantric sex helps folks to reframe sex from a performative activity to a pleasure-based one," says Dr Brito.

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5. Masturbation trick

One TikTok user suggested that you can pleasure yourself as if you're moving the yolk of an egg in circular motions. They compared the act to a yolk breaking, stating that going too hard might not result in climax.

Does it seem crazy? Well, Dr Janet says that it could actually be helpful for both internal and external stimulation, so it looks like this person was onto something. If you're with a partner, then the best app-controlled vibrators might lead to even more powerful results.

6. 4-minute foreplay

Just as the name suggests, this is an opportunity for each partner to snag four minutes of sexy time before the real action begins. It's claimed to be an effective way to get you both properly in the mood.

Dr Brito notes: "Novelty helps to spice things up in the bedroom and to rediscover each other." So, will you give it a try?

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