TikTok's Wet Skin Trend could be your skin savior this winter

Say hello to glowing skin as the temperatures drop...

Young woman applying hyaluronic drop and skin mask beauty treatment on her face.
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What was beauty and skincare before TikTok? We can barely remember what our routines were like without TikTok's beauty hacks. And we’ve just found another one that goes by the name of the Wet Skin Trend—which could be an absolute life-saver if you suffer from winter skin.

As all our fellow sensitive skin sufferers will know, winter can be brutal on our faces. No matter what creams we use, how warm we dress, or how careful we are with our make-up (with the help of the best foundations for sensitive skin)—we still end up with dry, cracked skin and red pigmentation. Though perhaps the remedy is in sight thanks to the latest trend taking over TikTok.

Say hello to the Wet Skin trend! As is made clear in the name, the hack involves having a wet face—and applying moisturizer onto it directly. This might sound bizarre but the skincare lovers on TikTok are really making a case for it.


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User mynameisrifah, who is a cosmetic chemist, says that applying moisturizer to a wet face really does have some amazing benefits, especially for anyone with dry skin. 

Rifah says it “traps moisture into your skin” and will leave your skin plump and hydrated and is actually more effective than applying moisturizer to a dry face. She advises washing your face, dabbing away the excessive (just a little!), and then applying your cream of choice—or you can use a face mist beforehand instead.

We double-checked the claims with Tori Rosero, MUA and founder of Glowbade Academy, who agreed. She says: "It's the best remedy to get more moisture and hydration into the skin as when your skin is hydrated and plump, the surface will absorb the moisture from products more effectively. This technique is great during the winter months, especially for those with dry and tight skin.

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“For those who really want that extra dose of hydration and who suffer from dry skin, I’d recommend applying an overnight face mask. When you sleep your cells are replenished so the mask, you’ll really see the benefits of the wet skin trend and wake up with plump, nourished skin.”

Tori also added that the trend works with serums, moisturizers, face oils, and hydrating sheet/peel masks. So whatever your skincare routine or favorite products, you can put this trend to the test!