These TikTok beauty hacks are a lifesaver when you need results in a pinch

From teeth-whitening tricks to shiny hair how-to's, these TikTok beauty hacks deserve all the likes

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Looking to cut corners on your beauty routine? These TikTok beauty hacks are proof that we're all looking for great results instantly. In between popular dances and the now-viral Taylor Swift platform debut, the video-sharing app provides some pretty stellar tips and tricks. 

Whether you're attempting to perfect your eyeshadow blending or achieve the ultimate sleek bob, chances are you can find what you're looking for on TikTok. There is a makeup guru out there just waiting to connect and give you a helping hand.

Snag one (or all) of the best eyeshadow palettes and best eyeliners out there and get ready—it's time to give these techniques a go!

TikTok beauty hacks to try ASAP:

According to Vera Clinic, a European-based hair transplant and cosmetic surgery hospital, the viral hashtag #beautyhacks has garnered an impressive 8.7 billion views—no small feat. Although the findings were extensive, Vera Clinic dug deep to see which hacks are worth your time. We're eager to reap the benefits of its cosmetic research!

1. Longer-lasting perfume hack

So you've just snagged a bottle of the Ariana Grande perfume from Ulta and you want the fruity aroma to last all day long. According to TikTok, all you need to do is put petroleum jelly on the area of the skin you’re going to spritz to enjoy more potent results!


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2. Quick-drying nail varnish hack

OPI's fall 2021 swatches come in a wide variety of hues: moody blues, soft lilacs, creamy neutrals. As much as we can't wait to achieve ultimate nail bliss, the drying part of a manicure is tedious and time-consuming. If you dip your nails into a cup of ice cold water for roughly 10 seconds, your mani will dry. Crazy, right?!


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3. Neater eyebrows hack

If you can't make it to the salon for a threading or waxing appointment, you can show your brows some DIY love by placing tape above and below your eyebrow line and cutting or trimming the extras off. Though it works, this hack is one to use with caution!


Tape brows✨ there’s no way to mess up this way! #tapebrows #fyp #beautyhack

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4. Eyelash curler hack

Turns out your eyelash curler is actually a great primer for the ultimate brow look. You can use it as a way to perfectly apply eyeshadow to your crease or eyeliner to the root of your lash to achieve that 60s eyeliner trend. Who knew?!


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5. Soft-and-shiny hair hack

Switch up your shampoo routine to enjoy the ultimate silky-smooth 'do. Shampoo and rinse your hair, then wrap it in a warm, damp cotton shirt after applying the conditioner. Keep it wrapped for 30 minutes before removing and rinsing with cold water. Voila! Shine for days!


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6. Easy eyeshadow hack

Tarte Cosmetics suggests applying different eyeshadow shades in blocks on your eyelid, starting with the darkest at the outer corner and moving to the lightest in the inne. Then smudge 'em all in with a brush to create the look you're going for!


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If you need us, we'll be busy getting runway ready. Which hacks are on your to-try list?

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