What are the top sexual fantasies? A new survey spills the steamy secrets

*Drumroll, please*

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Revealing top sexual fantasies might seem taboo, but there are some people who are more than willing to dish on those steamy dreams.

Considering we've learned about surprising turn-ons—a round of applause for 'doing chores'–and have received a deep dive on the most common sex injuries (ouch!) are we really surprised a new study wanted to dig deep into the inner workings of our conscious?

Bedbible polled 1,001 Americans to uncover their top sexual fantasies. Time to spill the sex secrets, folks. There's no holding back now.

The top sexual fantasies, according to Bedbible

Curious what was crowned the winner and which dirty dreams landed at the bottom of the list? Bedible has you covered. 

Before getting into the final results, the sexual wellness company also revealed that 68% of participants said they keep their fantasies to themselves—13% have gotten a bad reaction from spilling the beans and 29% fear the judgement. 

"We believe that all sexual fantasies should be shared and celebrated, whenever it’s safe and consensual to do so," a Bedbible rep said in a statement. "No one deserves to feel uncomfortable or judged due to what they like, as we all have different preferences. Besides, sex would get pretty boring if there weren’t a few creative people mixing things up once in a while!"

Without further ado, the top sexual fantasies are:

  • Oral sex: 32%
  • Sex in an unusual location: 25%
  • Role playing: 24%
  • Sex with a celebrity: 22%
  • Sex with an ex: 19%
  • Sex in public: 19%
  • Sex with multiple partners: 19%
  • Anal sex: 18%
  • Sex with a same-sex partner: 17%
  • Being dominated: 17%

Considering 71% of those polled admitted to having one of these 10 racy reveries—if not more, depending on who was tight-lipped—are you surprised with these findings, or do you think they're right on target?

So, who are we likely to share these thoughts with? The survey further reveals: 

  • Partner: 55%
  • Close partner: 27%
  • No one: 10%
  • First date: 5%
  • Family members: 4%
  • Colleagues: 2%

Those members of the 4% are in for quite an interesting holiday chat. 

But regardless of fantasies or the survey's results, just concern yourself with happiness, consent and comfort. That's what matters.

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