Is the Weeknd's plastic surgery real?

Is the Weeknd's plastic surgery real? Fans are wondering what happened to his face...

The Weeknd Red carpet appearance
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The Weeknd has revealed a brand new and slightly shocking look in his music video for Save Your Tears and it's got fans wondering whether he's actually gone under the knife or if it's all prosthetic makeup. 

Is the Weeknd's plastic surgery real?

The outlandish makeover is a carry on from his appearance at the 2020 AMA’s where he appeared with plasters and bloody makeup all over his face. Fans have been concerned about his health since his AMA appearance, but it's looking more likely that it's all just for show and to make a point about current society and beauty ideals.

His face looked like he had undergone a nose job and cheek implants which had caused severe bruising to his face. Nonetheless, the rumors were quickly shut down as the artist assured fans that the publicity stunt was a ploy to gain attention for his latest album, After Hours. 

His latest video shows the musician rocking the same red classic suit jacket worn at his last two public appearances. However, he's dropped the surgical bandages, and given fans the shock of a lifetime with his new look that uses facial prosthetics to simulate a surgically enhanced face. Fans are rightly shocked at The Weeknd's altered face and have of course taken to Twitter to voice their concerns.

Commenting on The Weeeknd’s new face, one user wrote: “Me praying the weeknd’s surgery is reversible.” 

“Why does The Weeknd look like that in the Save Your Tears music video!?! I don’t like it,” wrote another. 

Other users joked around, comparing the Grammy-winner’s look to a “Handsome Squidward”, a joke from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants where Squidward becomes weirdly “handsome”. 

So what are your thoughts? Weirdly handsome or just plain weird? We do hope this new face isn't here to stay...