This Zendaya Paris Fashion Week moment with Emma Stone is sending Spidey fans into overdrive

These Zendaya Paris Fashion Week moments are major!

Zendaya, pictured with her hair in curls, wearing a pink dress alongside a picture of Emma Stone with her hair in a bun/ in a pink two-picture template
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Zendaya's Paris Fashion Week appearance is going viral for two reasons—the first being Zendaya's outfit (of course) and the second, for giving us the MJ and Gwen Stacy crossover we never knew we needed.

Sorry, we just need to say it again—MJ. and Gwen Stacy. together. at Paris Fashion Week! For anyone not particularly versed in the Marvel Cinematic/Sony universes, both Zendaya and Emma Stone have starred as Spiderman's iconic love interests.

Emma famously played Gwen in Sony's The Amazing Spiderman franchise alongside Andrew Garfield, while Zendaya plays MJ in the MCU's Spiderman films with Tom Holland (and yes, Zendaya and Tom Holland's relationship IRL is still going strong). So, understandably seeing the two actresses sitting side by side stirred some emotions—especially after that Spiderman: No Way Home scene, we'll get to that later!

And that's not even delving into the reactions that Zendaya's fit itself sparked, once again solidifying her red carpet style dominance. So for anyone who missed it, here's a full debrief on Zendaya's viral Paris trip...

Zendaya's Paris Fashion Week appearance

On Monday, March 6, 2023, Zendaya attended the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week show with her iconic stylist Law Roach.

The occasion seemed set to be a normal, glamourous day of admiring all things high-fashion (like the high-fashion breastplate renaissance we've been seeing lately) until that is, Zendaya sat next to fellow actress, Emma Stone...

Best reactions to Zendaya and Emma Stone's moment

The moment shook the world wide "web" (see what we did there), as both actresses have starred as Spiderman's love interest at one time or another—with fans dubbing it the crossover they never knew they needed, or as one tweeted: "ZENDAYA AND EMMA STONE, THIS IS MY MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS", referencing another installment in the famous MCU franchise, Dr Strange.

With a third quipping: "nobody wanted to tell me emma stone and zendaya sat next to each other?" We're telling you now!

It's safe to say fans were really living for how the pair animatedly interacted, as one tweeted: "Zendaya and Emma stone being spidy besties"

The two actresses do actually have a lot in common—with both having dated their Spiderman actors IRL (sadly, Emma and Andrew Garfield split in 2015). Plus, there was already a slight crossover between their two franchises in the latest Spiderman: No Way Home.

As fans will know, Gwen (Emma) actually died in The Amazing Spiderman 2, with Spiderman (Andrew) failing to halt her fall from a building in time. During Spiderman: No Way Home though, both Andrew and OG Spiderman Toby McGuire made their return, with Andrew's Spidey then going on to save MJ (Zendaya) from a very similar fall.

This was something onlookers were quick to meme, as one fan joked, pretending to lip-read their conversation: "Zendaya be like 'Omg Spidey-sisters, what a rollercoaster but your spiderman actually saved me.'"


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Or, as another phrased it: "yeah yeah he caught you and not me, I can't believe."

This moment was also made doubly iconic after fans spotted that Ana De Armas was actually sat to Emma's left, making them quite the trio...

Zendaya's Louis Vuitton outfit

Now onto the fit! Zendaya rocked up with her new bob hairstyle (one of the best Zendaya hair look eras if you ask us.), wearing an animal print, Louis Vuitton blazer and shorts co-ord with matching knee-high boots.

We can now predict with some confidence that thanks to Zendaya's Paris Fashion Week outfit, animal-print might be set to make yet another comeback...

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