'Dated and Related' is Netflix's awkward twist on 'Love Island'

Something tells us things are about to get...strange

dated and related cast doing cheers outside on the french villa
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The villa is open for business, but this time, your sibling's tagging along.

Dated and Related, Netflix's latest romantic experiment, is taking a cue from Love Island and adding a familial twist. Hopeless romantics en route to a gorgeous French retreat will be accompanied by their brothers or sisters, who are also on relationship pursuits of their own. 

Is this a life-saver...or a disaster waiting to happen? (We're going to go with the latter.) Sure, your sibling could be a great wingman or wingwoman, but what happens when a protective instinct kicks in? We're going to have to watch to find out!

At the beginning of the trailer, it seems as though we're being treated to another round of Love Island...but then the narrator breaks the news of the siblings' accompaniment. 

"Could your sibling be the answer to finding everlasting love? Or is this about to be the most awkward dating show in history?" 

We have moments of connection and fun double dates, but there's definitely a few cringe-worthy scenes when things get intimate...and argumentative. 

"You gotta watch the way you're speaking to my sister. Don't be disrespectful," we hear a contestant say. Yikes!

Recognize Melinda Berry? Of course you do! The reality TV alumna was part of the season 2 Too Hot To Handle cast and joined forces with the show's winner, Marvin Anthony. 

Unfortunately, it appears the two are no longer an item, which seems to be a trend (not to point fingers but, Love Is Blind: After the Altar will have some pretty grim news for us). Here's hoping she can provide some words of wisdom for the couples in search of love. 

Meet the cast

There's a lot of people to familiarize yourselves with, according to the TODAY Show. Here's who's who. 

Kaz and Kieran Bishop

Though undoubtedly related, you might be surprised to learn that Kaz and Kiernan (30) are identical twins. Rumor has it these UK natives are the talk of the villa and involved in quite a bit of romantic drama...just the kind we like!

Kaz and Kiernan bishop from dated and related

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Lily and Mady Bajor

These two Texas natives, 22 and 20, respectively, are students looking for love and are very protective of one another. But what happens when one sister decides her wingwoman is getting a little selfish?

lily and mady bajor from dated and related

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Dyman and Deyon Miller

The tight-knit brother-sister duo are serious about finding their matches, and big sis Dyman (25) has a watchful eye on her brother's interests.

dyman and devon miller from dated and related

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Jason Cohen and Chris Hanh 

New Jersey cousins (both 27) are on the quest to find their matches, and they're keen on using cheesy lines along the way. 

Jason Cohen and Chris Hanh from dated and related

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Ceylan and Alara Taneri

We meet this UK-based brother-sister duo a few episodes into the debut season, but do they have what it takes to find love in such an unusual way?

Ceylan and Alara Taneri

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Nina and Diana Parsijanis

These two identical twins are practically one in the same, and they supposedly fall hard upon entering the villa, despite the many suitors attempting to get to know them. 

nina and diana Parsijani

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Corrina and Joey Roppo

These two are best buds, and you better believe big bro Joey is here to make sure his little sister doesn't pick the bad boy...again.

Corrina and Joey Roppo from dated and related

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Daniel and Julia  Perfettos

Will the Italian Perfettos find their perfect match? Here's hoping!

Daniel and Julia Perfettos

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Fans of odd reality dating shows are going to have a busy few days on their hands: Dated and Related will hit Netflix on September 2, and its entire 10 episodes will be available immediately. (Marathon, anyone?) 

Likewise, over on Peacock, the Love Island USA reunion will be available on September 2. Here's hoping for happily-ever-afters!

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