Love Island final live: Who were the winners?

Watch the Love Island final live with us as we bring you the essential real-time updates

image of Love Island 2022 winners Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimention a glittery background

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The final is done with! After eight long weeks of drama, mad moves and declarations of love, the end is here—so if you missed the final or just want to remind yourself of what happened, our Love Island final live run-through has everything you need to know about the final show of 2022—like who was voted out when, what went on in the finale and which couple was crowned as the Love Island winners of 2022.

Keep reading for our live commentary on the final (photos included)—plus all the info you need on the couples and the whole season’s recap, as we look back on some of the most memorable Love Island moments from this series and give you a quick refresh on what you need to catch up on...

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As we approach tonight's Love Island final of 2022, let's look back on the series to give ourselves a refresh on all the drama, romance and cracking on...

When did Love Island start in 2022?

Love Island UK started on Monday 6th June 2022, meaning that it has lasted for eight weeks this season.

Although it might seem like it's flown by, this series has actually been two weeks longer than usual, as it usually finishes at around the six-week mark.

What challenges have happened in the 'Love Island 2022' series?

There have been a number of challenges this year, with Casa Amor causing a lot of drama between the Love Island couples.

Viewers have been disappointed to not have seen the famous Tweet Challenge this year, but as well as the few day stint that is Casa Amor, the islanders have also taken part in the following famous challenges:

What controversy has there been this year?

There has been a lot of controversy around the male islanders this year, with viewers calling many of them out on disappointing behaviour.

There were a number of complaints about Love Island misogyny, after some of the boys appeared to be acting hypocritical towards the girls or even gaslighting them.

Casa Amor's Coco Lodge also spoke out on Love Island bullying that was going on in the villa.

Love Island 2022 full series recap

The villa sure looked different eight weeks ago—the series started with Amber, Liam, Dami, Luca, Ikenna, Indiyah, Gemma, Paige, Tasha and Andrew. Unlike most series, season eight featured a lot of changes—including how the couples were selected, with the public getting to decide.

The couples as of day one were; Dami and Amber, Tasha and Andrew, Gemma and Liam, Paige and Luca, and Indiyah and Ikenna.

From the start, all the islanders seemed pretty content in their couples until the first bombshell Davide entered the villa and recoupled with Gemma, leaving Liam single. Following a few days and some dates with new bombshells Ekin-Su and Afia, Liam became the first islander to quit the series, revealing to the islanders that he wasn’t enjoying the experience or feeling like himself.

Instantly Davide became interested in Ekin-Su, while Luca and Gemma struck up a sudden connection and eventually recoupled—only for Gemma’s IRL ex, Jacques, to enter the villa. Luckily for them though, he had his sights set on Paige.

By the end of the third week, Amber, Ikenna and bombshell Afia had been dumped, with Dami cracking on with Indiyah after confessing his interest in her before Amber’s elimination.

Meanwhile, Davide and Ekin-Su clashed after Jay and Remi entered the villa and we saw the memorable Love Island moment where Ekin-Su crawled onto the terrace to share a kiss with Jay. This is also when we heard Davide utter his now iconic Love Island meme line, “you’re a liar, an actress” and began their ‘enemies-to-lovers’ arc.

Ekin-Su and Jay’s pairing was short-lived, as the pair drifted and he decided to also get to know Paige, who entertained it until Jacques expressed his true feelings for her.

Then came Danica who initially stirred up a lot of drama after she chose Luca in one of the recouplings, despite his clear feelings for Gemma. Once new bombshell Antigoni arrived it was also a very similar situation where Danica recoupled with Jay—despite him telling her she was too young for him, resulting in Antigoni being dumped.

New boy Charlie also sparked some tensions for Andrew and Tasha, as he expressed interest in getting to know her—but eventually chose Danica in the recoupling.

Following all that, Ekin-Su and Davide slowly started to rekindle things, only for Casa Amor to strike.

This season’s instalment of Casa will most certainly go down in history as the most dramatic ever, as not one but FOUR boys decided to ‘test their connections.’ Andrew cracked on with Coco, while Jacques kissed Cheyanne and Dami smooched Summer—a lot. Davide too shared a number of snogs with the new Casa girls but did not really pursue anyone.

Dami and Summer kiss on Love Island 2022

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The girls too made the most of their Casa trip, with Tasha striking up a connection with Billy, Indiyah with Deji and Danica finally finding a spark with Josh.

Then of course came the very tense Casa Amor recoupling where both Andrew and Tasha, and Indiyah and Dami recoupled—only to rekindle their relationships a few days later after a few arguments—namely between Tasha and Andrew, where he revealed the extent of his and Coco’s steamy antics.

Tasha and Andrew on Love Island 2022

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While Casa Amor was big drama—no one was expecting the next twist—as Love Island season four’s notorious heartbreaker, Adam Collard made his return. He immediately started getting to know Paige—who was very hurt over Jacques’ Casa behavior.

This soon prompted Jacques to quit the show, after struggling with his mental health and fearing he would get physical with Adam.

The couples all seemed to be getting back on track—until the 'Mad Movies' challenge returned and saw Luca rage over a ‘flirtatious’ clip of Gemma and Billy.

Mad Movies challenge on Love Island 2022

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Davide too argued with Ekin-Su after a strange bedtime moment that she shared with Casa Amor boy George was shown. This challenge prompted a huge number of Ofcom complaints with many fans questioning whether Love Island has a misogyny problem.

Following on from 'Mad Movies', Tasha and Andrew became boyfriend and girlfriend after Tasha made a scavenger hunt for him of all their romantic moments—and Gemma and Luca declared their love for each other too.

Nathalia, Reece, Lacey and Jamie arrive on Love Island 2022

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Four bombshells, Nathalia, Reece, Lacey and Jamie then entered, but only Jamie was able to strike up a connection, coupling up with Danica. The rest were swiftly dumped from the villa.

Now, in the lead-up to the final, all of our couples have been on lavish dates and even tried their hand at parenting with the baby challenge. So far though, the race for the grand prize is really on, as there’s still no clear winner of Love Island 2022.

 Who are the Love Island 2022 final couples?

Indiyah & Dami

Dami and Indiyah on Love Island 2022

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Inidyah Polack and Dami Hope have had quite the journey, as they both started the show in different pairings—Indiyah with Ikenna and Dami with Amber. Then, after they finally paired up, Casa Amor struck. Dami lost serious favor with the public at the time—but after a brief stint with Summer, while Indiyah was with Deji, the pair rekindled their romance. They were the first to make it to the final, as their fellow islanders voted them as being one of the most compatible couples to last outside of the villa.

Ekin-Su & Davide

Davide and Ekin-Su sharing a kiss on Love Island 2022

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Despite their ups and downs, with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu temporarily coupling up with Jay, and Davide Sanclimenti with Antigoni—these two are finally in a solid place and looking very likely to win the series after becoming exclusive, declaring their love and overall just being the cutest and most compatible ‘married’ couple ever.

Tasha & Andrew

Andrew and Tasha Love Island 2022

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Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page are the only first-day couple to still be together and were the first ones to be officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Despite their ups and downs and respective recouplings with Billy and Coco, the pair have fully reconciled and are now even talking about moving in with each other. They do seem pretty besotted from what we can tell...

Gemma & Luca

Gemma and Luca on Love Island 2022

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Along with Tasha and Andrew, Gemma Owen and Luca Bish are one of the longest-standing couples in the villa. The pair have exchanged ‘I love yous,’ but say that they're waiting until they're out of the villa to go exclusive—making them the only remaining couple to not do the whole grand ‘exclusive’ gesture.

Who left Love Island last night?

Last night's episode—the penultimate of the series—ended with a dumping, where any couple who received a vote for least compatible by their fellow islanders was at risk.

The vote meant that Davide and Ekin-Su, Tasha and Andrew, Gemma and Luca and Paige and Adam were all at risk of being dumped from the island—with Dami and Indiyah the only couple who were safe. The results of the public vote revealed that Davide and Ekin-Su, Tasha and Andrew, Gemma and Luca had been saved by the public, meaning that Paige Thorne and Adam Collard were dumped from the island.

Paige had been in the villa since the first day, as she was in the original Love Island 2022 lineup—meaning she was in the villa for 56 days—while Adam entered the villa as a bombshell on day 36—making his stint only 20 days long.

This was Adam's second time in the villa, as she took part in the show back in 2018—however he got a lot further in the show this time, as fans seem to have taken a liking to him!

Love Island final first look tonight

Today's Love Island first look is here and it shows the four remaining couples gearing up for an emotional evening, as they prepare to leave the villa after chatting dreams for the future and making final declarations of love. 

The remaining Love Island contestants can be seen waking up giddy and sitting in bed as they enjoy a morning glass of bubbly (or water—depending on what they can drink on Love Island). After getting ready, they then head out by the pool for thier summer ball, dressed up to the nines—with the boys in tuxedos and the girls breathtaking gowns. We have to say, the Love Island clothes have really been on another level this year!

During the Love Island Summer Ball, each couple makes an emotional speech to each other—with some reflecting on their journeys so far and how they have fallen in love and others look to the future together.

We'd definitely recommend having tissues at the ready for tonight's Love Island final!

Who are the Love Island finalists? Get to know the contestants

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

Ekin-Su on Love Island 2022

(Image credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Ekin-Su, 27, is Turkish and was born in Islington, near London. Before heading into the villa as a bombshell, she was an actress and could have some very exciting acting offers waiting for her. 

Though she and Davide didn't have the best start, what with the Jay and Charlie drama—they've now told each other that they're in love and will hopefully be sharing Tiramisu together for years to come!

David Sanclimenti

Davide on Love Island 2022

(Image credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Our resident Italian Stallion, Davide Sanclimenti is 27 and owns his own shisha company—which he will likely continue when he leaves the villa. He lives in Manchester which (considering some of the other couple's hometown distances) is close-ish to Ekin-Su in London.

During his time in the villa, Davide has swiftly become a fan favorite with his humor and his fiery, chaotic relationship with Ekin-Su—long may it continue!

Indiyah Polack

Indiyah on Love Island 2022

(Image credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Indiyah is 23 and worked as a hotel waitress before entering the villa—plus did a bit of modeling and influencing on the side.

She was initially coupled up with Ikenna but feared something was missing—and after he and Amber were dumped from the villa, she struck up a close connection with Dami. They were going strong until Casa Amor, where Inidyah recoupled with Deji and Dami with Summer. They got back together though with Indiyah breaking things off with Deji.

She's a firm favorite on the show and will likely take off as an influencer when she leaves. Sadly she and Dami have a rather large distance between them, with her in London and him in Dublin but if they can overcome all that Casa drama—there's hope for them.

Dami Hope

Dami on Love Island 2022

(Image credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Dami is 26 and a senior microbiologist from Dublin. Throughout the show, he has been on quite the rollercoaster popularity-wise, after starting as a firm fave before losing favor with fans due to his Casa Amor behavior.

Since changing his ways and getting back together with Indiyah, he has garnered some popularity back, so let's see what happens!

Tasha Ghouri

Tasha on Love Island 2022

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Tasha Ghouri, 23, was a dancer and model from London before entering the villa and from the looks of it, she's got a very bright modelling career waiting for her on the outside. No doubt she'll have tonnes of fashion brand offers and could follow in Millie Court's shoes, with an ASOS deal—as she has modelled for them previously.

She and Andrew and now an official couple and have even talked about moving in together, as Andrew was already planning to move to London.

She's not had the easiest journey in the villa, especially with the Casa Amor drama and some alleged bullying from some of the male contestants. But she's stayed true to herself and has been praised for her openness about her 'superpower'—as Tasha wears a cochlear implant and is the show's first ever deaf contestant.

Andrew Le Page

Andrew on Love Island 2022

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Andrew, 26 was a real estate agent in Dubai—debuting his skills to the islanders during the Love Island Talent Show. His family is from Guernsey but thanks to his new relationship with Tasha, he's planning to relocate to London.

Like Tasha, he hasn't had the easiest time in the villa, with their connection being tested—especially when Andrew was coupled up with Casa Amor's Coco Lodge—but now they're stronger than ever.

Gemma Owen

Gemma Owen on Love Island 2022

(Image credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Daughter of footballer Michael Owen, Gemma is the youngest of the bunch at 19 and is an international dressage rider. She could go onto continue her sporting career, but we also think she'll make a good influencer.

She is currently coupled up with Luca, but is waiting for her mom's blessing before she becomes official with him...

Luca Bish

Luca Bish on Love Island 2022

(Image credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Luca, 23 was a fishmonger from Brighton but with his newfound social media platform, we doubt he'll return to the fishy trade and may even turn in his signature fish flops for good.

Though he and Gemma have remained loyal throughout the series, he has been called out by viewers for a number of his antics.

He's coupled up with Gem and has expressed his excitement at continuing things on the outside—let's just hope he gets Mama Owen's approval...

Love Island final bets—betting odds for the 2022 final

As of this evening, bookmakers Betfair have fan favorites Ekin-Su and Davide tipped to win, with their odds at 1/14—meaning that if you were to bet £14, you would only get £1 back if they won.

Ekin-De are followed by Gemma and Luca who have 10/1 odds, with the third favorites currently Tasha and Andrew with odds at 12/1. Dami and Indiyah are coming in last as favorite to win with 25/1 odds—so betting a few quid on them could get you £100 if they won.

Love Island sneak peek—see the pics from tonight's episode

As the islanders gear up for tonight's final, here's a selection of snaps of them at their super romantic Love Island Summer Ball 2022...

Love Island's Davide and Luca walking out into the summer ball

Love Island's Davide and Luca walking out into the summer ball

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Love Island's Ekin-Su walking in a pink satin gown

Love Island's Ekin-Su walking out to the summer ball in a pink satin gown

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Love Island's Gemma walking out to the summer ball in a black gown

Love Island's Gemma walking out to the summer ball in a black gown

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Love Island's Andrew and Dami smiling at the summer ball

Love Island's Andrew and Dami smiling at the summer ball

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Love Island's Tasha walking out to the summer ball in a black dress

Love Island's Tasha walking out to the summer ball in a black dress

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Love Island's Indiyah dressed in a white gown

Love Island's Indiyah dressed in a white gown walking into the summer ball

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Love Island's Davide and Ekin-Su kissing

Love Island's Davide and Ekin-Su kissing at the summer ball

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Love Island's Andrew and Tasha embracing at a twinkling altar

Love Island's Andrew and Tasha embracing at a twinkling altar

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

the Love Island 2022 final couples dancing at their summer ball

The Love Island 2022 final couples dancing at their summer ball

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Who will be at the Love Island live final tonight?

It's likely that the Love Island villa (or at least the outside of it) will be jam-packed tonight, as we're sure to see a few familiar faces joining our Love Island finalists as they await to see who will be crowned winner.


Love Island 2022 host Laura Whitmore walking into the villa

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Of course, Love Island host Laura Whitmore will be in attendance and will be fully immersed in all of the winner action—announcing to the world who are the winners of Love Island 2022 and assisting them in the 50k keep or split decision afterwards.

It's likely that the infamous and hilarious Love Island narrator—who is actually married to host Laura—might make an appearance too.

Previous 2022 islanders

Love Island 2022 original lineup on a shoot at the start of the series

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

We're sure to see a few familiar faces from the Love Island 2022 cast make an appearance tonight—especially ones who have only recently been dumped from the villa, as they are likely still hanging around in Mallorca (where Love Island is filmed).

As the most recent dumpees, Paige and Adam are likely to make an appearance—especially as they appeared on the final instalment of spin-off talk show Love Island: Aftersun last night.

Danica and Jamie were also seen on Love Island: Aftersun, so we're sure they'll be there too.

We're not sure what other previous 2022 islanders might make an appearance, but if you need a reminder of who to look out for, here's everyone who's been dumped from the island—or voluntarily left—so far...

Previous Love Island stars and other celebrities

It's likely we'll see a couple of previous islanders from some of the other best Love Island seasons, as well as a host of other celebrities who count themselves fans of the show.

Yesterday's Love Island: Aftersun saw host Laura joined by 2020 Love Island winter series winners Paige and Finn as well as celeb fans of the show, like I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here's Scarlett Moffatt and comedian Joanne McNally.

With just one hour to go until the final, here's a reminder of some key viewing information to make sure you don't miss a second of the action...

Is the Love Island final live?

Yes—parts of the Love Island 2022 final show will be live. There will be clips from yesterday which show the islanders enjoying their final full day, as they spend a romantic evening at the Love Island Summer Ball.

However, the parts that will show which islanders are third, second and first runners-up and of course the winners will be live. The clips where Laura announces the winners and awards the 50k prize money will all be live—so viewers will be able to vote when the Love Island vote is open during the show.

What time is the 'Love Island' final on tonight?

The Love Island UK 2022 final will be airing at 9pm GMT.

What time will the 'Love Island' live final finish tonight?

The ITV2 schedule shows that the next programme after the Love Island final will start at 10.35pm GMT.

The show usually finishes a few minutes beforehand to give time for adverts, so it is likely the Love Island final will last for around one hour and 30 minutes, ending just before 10.35pm GMT.

Where can I watch 'Love Island'?

Love Island airs on UK channel ITV2. If you are away on holiday, watching from elsewhere or don't have access to live TV, follow our quick and easy guide on how to watch Love Island UK online from anywhere in the world.

How to vote for 'Love Island' UK

You can vote for Love Island using the ITV voting app—see our guide on the Love Island voting app for guidance on where to download it, how to use it and when you need to vote.

Viewers voted following the end of last night's 'Meet the Parents' episode, so it's likely that one couple will leave towards the start of tonight's show. We will likely then have to vote twice more to decide on the second runners-up and then between the first runners-up and winners.

T minus 10 minutes people! Let's get ready for the finale with one final—and pretty important—question...

What will happen in tonight's Love Island final?

Tonight's Love Island final will show what the remaining islanders got up to on their last full day in the villa.

We will likely then see the third runner-up revealed, leaving only three couples left to battle it out.

While this couple is being interviewed by host Laura, viewers will likely have the chance to vote again to see who will be the next runner-up and the process will continue until the winner is revealed.

The process in previous years has been that after the winning couple is revealed, they then have to pick a secret card that shows who has been awarded the winning £50k out of the two loved-up islanders. The winner can then choose to keep the £50k for themselves or split it with their partner.

However we're not sure whether that will still happen this year, as we have already seen a lot of changes to the process this year—with the new Love Island villa for 2022 and the public choosing the islanders' first pairings.

We can't wait to see what will happen!


Head to the Love Island voting app to have your last say into who you want to make it to the final battle out for who will win Love Island 2022...

The villa is full—with fans and viewers who have purchased Love Island final tickets there to watch live and the four finalist couples lined up in front of the firepit awaiting their fate.

While the final couples await the public's verdict, as they cast their last few votes, we get to see the islanders spending their last romantic evening together.

In the flashback to yesterday, we see the islanders dress up in black tie and enjoy a romantic dinner in villa's gardens as the couples each step up separately to a pretty, flowery, twinkling altar and declare their love for each other in romantic speeches.

Get the tissues ready—we're crying already! 😭


Fifth place couple, Adam and Paige—who just missed out on the Love Island final—are back in the villa 🎉

The Love Island finalists are ready to be crowned winners! But who will it be...

Just another reminder that the final Love Island vote is currently open—but it is likely to close VERY soon. So get your votes in quick!

Gemma and Luca's adorable speeches to each other...

Ekin-Su and Davide's emotional and in love speeches to each other...

The flashbacks are over and we are back to live coverage in the villa!

Host Laura Whitmore is chatting to the four final couples about how they're feeling...

If you're not already watching, get that TV on STAT

Andrew and Tasha's adorable speeches to each other...

Dami and Indiyah's romantic speeches to each other...


The vote closes in eight minutes at 9.50pm GMT. Head to the Love Island voting app to make your choice for Love Island winner!

The vote is now officially closed!

The show has gone to a commercial break and when it comes back host Laura Whitmore will reveal which of the final couples has been voted into fourth place...

We're back from break and host Laura Whitmore is ready to reveal that the couple in fourth place is...Tasha and Andrew!

That leaves Gemma and Luca, Dami and Indiyah and Ekin-Su and Davide left as the final three...

The couple in third place is...Indiyah and Dami!

That leaves Ekin-Su and Davide and Gemma and Luca left as the final two couples.

There are now two couples left in the Love Island final—Ekin-Su and Davide and Gemma and Luca.

After the break, host Laura Whitmore will chat to the four remaining islanders about their time in the villa, before announcing who the winner of Love Island 2022 is!

And we have our winners 👑👑...

Ekin-Su and Davide are the official winners of Love Island 2022 🎉🎉🎉

Huge congratulations to Mom and Dad ❤️

Gemma and Luca came in second place, meaning they are the runners-up of Love Island 2022 👏

Last night's grand final saw Ekin-Su and Davide crowned the winners of Love Island 2022, and those watching the show at home couldn't be more delighted with the result.

"The producers hit the jackpot with these two and there will never be another Ekin-Su and Davide," wrote one happy fan on Twitter. Another shared: "I can now sleep soundly knowing Ekin-Su and Davide won." A third added: "And now the universe is at peace Ekin-Su and Davide won. MY WINNERS EKINDEEEEEE."

Naturally, Ekin-Su and Davide were similarly over the moon to have been chosen as the public's favorite couple. The pair thanked viewers for their support in a joint post on Instagram shortly after the final came to an end...

We can't wait to hear more from Ekinde, as well as the reactions of runners-up Luca and Gemma, as well as Dami and Indiyah who placed third and Andrew and Tasha came in fourth. In the meantime, their families have shared via their social media accounts how pleased they are at the budding romance in store!