Will there be an 'A League of Their Own' season 2?

The first season was a home run, but will we get 'A League of Their Own' season 2? What we know so far

Melanie Field as Jo in A League of Their Own season 1. Will there be an A League of Their Own season 2?
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It's Peach Season, onscreen and off! 

The A League of Their Own reboot—a TV adaptation of the beloved 1992 movie following the formation of the Rockford Peaches and the real-life rise of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during World War II (yes, that means A League of Their Own is based on a true story)—dropped on Prime Video on Friday, August 12. 

And with it came a fresh take on a familiar story, populated with more progressiveness and inclusivity than the original, as well as some bat-swinging chutzpah and fierce 1940s fashion. So it's no surprise that the second we finished the final episode of the premiere season (that championship game!), we were already wondering about A League of Their Own season 2.

Here's what we know so far about the sophomore season of A League of Their Own.

'A League of Their Own' season 2: what we know

Though Prime Video hasn't officially announced a season two pick-up of A League of Their Own just yet, the show's creators are already planning their next at-bat. At a Television Critics Association panel on August 12, co-creator Will Graham said: "We've already started writing and bringing the story for season two...Our hope is to shoot in like, mid-spring."

He added: “This is a show that is more than a show to all of us and to every single person in the cast…and we've been pinching ourselves the whole time just about what it means to get to tell these stories 30 years after the movie came out. It's been a life-changing experience and we already know what we want to do with season two.”

Fellow co-creator and the show's leading lady Abbi Jacobson told US Weekly: “I think that we know a lot of tent poles of where we would go if we were able to do more seasons, but it’s just tricky now. I’ve never been the kind of person that operates where I just will get another season of anything. So my mind doesn’t operate like that."

"I think for season 1, we were very much like, 'let’s tell as much of this as we can and make us as meaty and juicy and full in every way,' she added. "Every character’s as full as we can make them in case we don’t get to make more."

What will 'A League of Their Own' season 2 be about?

The first season of A League of Their Own greatly expanded the AAGPBL universe of the original movie, spotlighting the stories of Black and queer players like Max Chapman (played by Chantè Adams), an aspiring pitcher who, after being denied a spot in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League due to her race, dreams of playing in the Negro leagues. Chapman finally gets a chance to take her rightful place on the pitchers' mound, scoring a job with Red Wright’s All-Stars team at the end of season one. 

Elsewhere in the season one finale, the Rockford Peaches lose the championships to former teammate Jo Deluca (Melanie Field) and the Blue Sox, catcher-manager Carson Shaw (Abbi Jacobson) is caught kissing her teammate Greta Gill (D'Arcy Carden) by her husband Charlie (Patrick J. Adams), and Max's BFF Clance (Gbemisola Ikumelo) is expecting but hides her pregnancy from her best friend so that she can focus on her burgeoning baseball career. 

That's plenty of drama to unpack in a second season, though which storylines will actualize remain to be seen. One thing is for sure: like its predecessor, season two won't shy away from queer and POC storylines, with Jacobson recently taking to Twitter to address criticism of the show's "woke messaging."

"I’ve been pretty blown away by the response this weekend,” she posted on the show's official account. “I was really changed learning about this generation of women. I feel really proud of this show + to know it’s resonating with people really means a lot."

Jacobson continued: "On the flip side—I have seen a lot of people angry and mad at our inclusion of more experiences (POC, QWOC, queer) and that anger (aka fear) has only made me more sure about why this reimagining needed to be made. Why representation matters so much.”

'A League of Their Own' season 2 cast: who's returning?

Again, nothing is on the books just yet, but we'd be surprised if we didn't see the majority of the cast of A League of Their Own return for season 2, especially series regulars like Jacobson, Carden, Adams, Field, Ikumelo and the rest of the Peaches bullpen. 

The team's former coach Dove Porter, played by Nick Offerman, quit his post halfway through the season, so he's a toss-up, but we'd put money on seeing players like Roberta Colindrez as Lupe García, Priscilla Delgado as Esti González and Kelly McCormack as Jess McCready back in those signature peach uniforms next season. 

How many episodes of 'A League of Their Own' season 2 will there be?

The first season of the show included eight hour-long episodes, all of which dropped on premiere day on August 12. If and when season two does get picked up, it's safe to assume the episode order will be the same. 

In the meantime, you can catch all eight episodes of A League of Their Own season 1 on Prime Video. 

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