'Selling The OC' is finally here and it's better than we expected

Yes, friends, you should add 'Selling The OC' to your summer TV schedule

The cast of Selling the OC have fun at the beach
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Ready or not, Selling The OC is finally here. If you are one to get lost in TV shows about gossip and drama, your cup will soon runneth over will juicy real estate-related shenanigans. 

With the first-ever Selling Sunset reunion now a distant memory—a treat to tide us over before Selling Sunset season 6Netflix has finally given us the goods: a brand new Selling franchise. (Not that we were impatiently waiting, or anything.)

If you're curious, the antics are as grand as the listings, so you're definitely going to want to tune in for whatever the OC Oppenheim office will bestow upon its viewers. We hope you're ready to buckle up.

'Selling The OC' release date

Your summer TV lineup now includes a taste of the OC Oppenheim office. Selling the OC premiered on August 24. 

(Psst: in other news, Selling Sunset is a go for seasons six *and* seven. Production is set to begin shortly, so it looks like it's going to be quite an adventurous summer!)

'Selling the OC' trailer

If you haven't started binging (what are you waiting for?!), enjoy this teaser trailer of the new spinoff, filled with all of the real estate and relationship drama you've come to expect from the Oppenheim Group crew. 

"She only got those listings because she f*cked the developer!" one cast member yells at a formal gala. 

Oof! Not exactly the type of business conversation the Oppenheim brothers had planned on, no doubt. But hey, it makes for some interesting TV!

Who is in the Selling the OC cast?

In true Oppenheim fashion, only glamourous people made the cut to work at the OC office.

Alex Hall

Alex Hall is one of the three Alexes in the office. She's a divorced mother-of-two focused on building her business and trying to find time to date as well. She teams up with Kayla to help her with her first listing but things don't go very smoothly...

Lauren Shortt

Lauren Shortt is a local girl who's now married (engaged when the show was filmed) to a real estate agent who works at another brokerage. She's great friends with most of the girls (minus the Alex duo...).

Tyler Stanaland

Real estate runs in Tyler Stanaland's blood. His dad, John Stanaland, is a huge name in the area, so it's no wonder Tyler did a great job with his first listing on his own sold, which sold in no time. He's married to Pitch Perfect star, Britanny Snow

Gio Helou

Like Tyler, Gio Helou also comes from a real estate family. In fact, Gio's mom Lisa Helou also works at the O Group. He's married to Tifanny and likes the finer things in life.

Alexandra Rose

Alexandra Rose may be deep into the drama on the show but make no mistake—she means business. In her first four years as a realtor, she made over $100M in sales and has a degree in finance and economics.

Alexandra Jarvis

The second half of the Alex duo, Alexandra Jarvis is a former lawyer who is now fully dedicated to real estate. She's engaged to Sergio Ducoulombier (a fintech CEO according to his LinkedIn profile) but in a very committed working relationship with Alex Rose.

Kayla Cardona

Kayla Cardona is a single mom who's not had it easy. After getting pregnant as a teen, her parents kicked her out when she refused to give her child up for adoption. She's now focused on real estate but her first listing as the selling agent proved to be very difficult, even with Alex Hall's help. 

Polly Brindle

Polly is originally from the UK but has been living the US for a while. She was previously married but got divorced when she found our her husband was cheating on her—which made it very awkward when a certain someone went after a married man in the office...

Brandi Marshall

Brandi is fairly new to real estate, having moved from LA where she worked in communications and PR. She's married to a former professional basketball player and they have two kids. Brandi is focused on making it big in real estate and using the money to improve her family's life and trying to avoid the drama along the way. During season one, she's also dealing with her mum's health situation, who was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Sean Palmieri

Sean Palmieri is the only non married guy of the group. You'd think that means he would be having all the action but he remained single during season one (at least on camera...). 

Austin Victoria

Austin is married to Lisa (who makes a few appearances on the show too) and the pair have two twins. They recently moved to the OC and Austin is hoping focusing on his business will help him provide a better life for his family (especially a nanny so he can go out with his wife).

This isn't the only recent expansion into the Selling Sunset universe. The creative team offered up Selling Tampa back in December 2021, which delved into the high-price world of luxury waterfront property on Florida's Suncoast.

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