Chances are you've misjudged Alexandra Rose from 'Selling The OC'

Sure, Alexandra Rose might not know her presidents, but there's more to the quirky realtor than LOL moments

Alexandra Rose on Selling the OC
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American history might not be her strong suit, but Alexandra Rose is certainly making a name for herself in the California real estate industry.

Our first introduction to the Christine Quinn lookalike took place in the teaser for the Selling Sunset spinoff, Selling The OC. While perusing a luxurious home, she nonchalantly asks if Abe Lincoln was the first president of the United States. Whoops! 

From that point on, we assume the 27-year-old will be one to watch, but chances are you might've misjudged the realtor. Sure, she's responsible for a few silly moments here and there—and a bit of office drama, to say the least—but a few revelations from the new Netflix star will make you see her in a different light

So who is this buzzy new realtor, really? Allow us to introduce you. 

Who is Alexandra Rose?

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Though one of the younger members of the team, it appears Rose has earned her place in the company according to an impressive bio on the Oppenheim Group website (opens in new tab)

"With close to $100M in sales in her first 4 years as a realtor and a degree in finance and economics, Alexandra brings a solid understanding of the dynamic real estate market," a portion of the bio reads. 

Unfortunately, this has made her a target for gossip amongst other O Group employees, some of whom have suggested that Rose has slept with developers to secure her listings. But this is just one mean tidbit spreading around—she's also earned the reputation for being entitled. 

However, during a heart-to-heart with her colleague Gio Helou and Gio's mum Lisa Helou, Rose clears up any miscommunication about her background. Both of her biological parents are homeless and drug abusers, and she and her brothers were brought into an adoptive family. Though that seemed like a saving grace, matters only grew more complicated for Rose when her adoptive father died on Christmas morning in 2003. 

"Life was really hard, you know, growing up," she says through tears. 

Though she's crossed paths with her biological mother on the streets of Huntington Beach, the woman was unable to face her daughter. 

"She couldn't look me in the eye, and she's in and out of jail. She was like an animal," Rose adds.

Despite hardships and difficulty in the office, Rose appears to persevere with the help of her partner in real estate crime, Alexandra Jarvis

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She flashes some pretty fabulous listings on Instagram, but Rose also provides a sneak peek into her life, including her travels, from national parks in Wyoming to casinos in Las Vegas, and partying with friends. 

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We even get a taste of her adventurous side with a sky diving photo towards the bottom of her feed. Yikes!

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Who is Alexandra Rose's boyfriend?

As far as her love life goes, things are quiet for Alexandra Rose (at least on camera). But, if you're anything like us, you're already inquiring ahead about Selling The OC season 2. Bring on the West Coast real estate adventures, right? 

Selling The OC is now available for streaming on Netflix. As far as Selling Sunset season 6, we'll keep you posted!

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