People are living for this 'girl's bathroom' moment between Amelia Dimoldenberg and Kate Winslet at the TV BAFTAs

From armpit hair to makeup compliments—wholesome Amelia Dimoldenberg and Kate Winslet content incoming...

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This Amelia Dimoldenberg and Kate Winslet moment from the TV BAFTAs is going viral, with fans saying it reminds them of a 'girls' bathroom' convo—here's what went down...

While many viewers might have hoped for another electric interview to rival that of Amelia Dimoldberg and Andrew Garfield's OG red carpet chat or Amelia and Paul Mescals' flirty exchange at the Oscars 2023—instead, the TV BAFTAs offered us something all the more wholesome.

After scooping the award for Best Leading Actress, Hollywood icon Kate Winslet caught up with Amelia and the pair immediately bonded over all things armpit hair, vodka shots and makeup and let's just say, it's beyond relatable for anyone who has ever entered the magical realm that is the women's bathroom...

Amelia Dimoldenberg and Kate Winslet's TV BAFTAs moment

When it comes to universally shared experiences, the girl's bathroom on a night out is one of the best. Most of us will likely have a story or two (or a hundred) of cute and sometimes chaotic encounters we've shared with total strangers in the queue for the hand dryers—from compliments on our outfits to consoling someone over their 'situationship' and vice versa. And that's the exact energy this Amelia and Kate Winslet interview was giving—according to viewers anyway.

So, what happened exactly? As mentioned, Kate won Best Leading Actress for I Am Ruth and was totally blown away by the win, so much so that upon joining Amelia, Kate asked: "Am I allowed to have a vodka now?" Iconic.

Amelia replied that she could have anything she wanted, before offering her vodka shots (our kind of gal). During this part of the convo, Kate had her arm up, clutching her forehead—still in total shock—before she quipped: "And I remembered to shave my armpits. I've got my arm up like this...."

Amelia then reassured her that her armpits were 'stunning' to which Kate added: "That's okay. We're allowed to have hairy armpits now, aren't we?"


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"Yeah, you can. You can have hair. You can have no hair. Everything's fine!" Amelia reassured again.

The mention of 'fine' then prompted our favorite portion of the exchange, where Kate said: "I'm fine now."

"You're fine," Amelia exclaimed before adding: "I'm feeling like, am I not fine?"

"You're much more find than I am," Kate said, to which Amelia once again responded: "Ok, no, no. You're fine."—how many 'fines' is that now?

But Kate then interrupted the 'fine' saga to add: "Your makeup is really nice"

To which Amelia said: "Thank you so much—your makeup is always beautiful!" Imagine Kate Winslet complimenting your makeup, Amelia is winning.

The pair then bid farewell, but fans are so not over the encounter, with one commenting: "This is a girls in the bathroom convo and I love it."

While another said: "The girls bathroom at a club vibes, it's all compliments and reassurances."

With a third also adding: "This is so chaotic, I love both of them."

Well, we're now officially manifesting an Amelia and Kate reunion at the next red carpet event, that's for sure!

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