Who is Amelia Dimoldenberg? From her viral red carpet interviews to her Chicken Shop fame—here's the DL

Wondering who Amelia Dimoldenberg is and how she rose to fame? Here’s everything you need to know...

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Who is Amelia Dimoldenberg, you ask? If you're an avid TikTok scroller, you've no doubt spied her with a microphone in hand, on the red carpet, sharing sizzling interactions with the likes of Andrew Garfield and Paul Mescal—not to mention her uber-popular Chicken Shop Date YouTube show. Here's the lowdown on the British star, from her rise to fame to her current dating sitch...

Amelia’s story is a good one, she’s best known for her Chicken Shop Date show but has recently shot to viral status thanks to her red-carpet interviews—where she seems to share serious chemistry with pretty much every celebrity she meets. Case and point, the Amelia Dimoldenberg and Andrew Garfield's Golden Globes interview, which set fans swooning left and right.

Most recently she graced the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party with her presence and while we were robbed of an Amelia Dimoldenberg/Andrew Garfield Oscars interview, we did get a very adorable Paul Mescal moment. So, for anyone wanting to get better acquainted with this Aquarius gal, here's everything you need to know...

Who is Amelia Dimoldenberg?

Amelia is an internet personality with a popular YouTube channel and TikTok account. She now has a number of successful YouTube series under her belt—like her Chicken Shop Date series and self-titled cooking show which also features celeb guests

Currently, Aitch and Jack Harlow hold the top spot for the most viewed of Amelia's Chicken Shop Dates (both have 14 million views each and for good reason!), with Aitch and Amelia striking up a 'relationship' in 2022—though we're pretty sure they were pranking us...

As of the GQ Men of The Year Awards 2023, Amelia took her interviewing talents to the red carpet (much like Emma Chamberlain did at the 2022 Met Gala) and has since chatted with stars at the Golden Globes—where she and Andrew went viral for their very flirty interaction—and most recently, the Oscars 2023. 

Why is Amelia Dimoldenberg famous?

As mentioned, she's a big name on the web but is best known for presenting Chicken Shop Date—her fan-favorite YouTube channel where she goes on ‘dates’ with celebs at, you guessed it, a chicken shop. 

The list of star-studded guests appearing on her show includes the likes of Rosalia, Louis Theroux, Charlie XCX, Jack Harlow, Aitch and Ed Sheeran. Even Drake, according to Amelia, is very keen to feature—we honestly can’t wait for that episode. 

The show rose to popularity thanks to Amelia’s awkward and sarcastic humor which often sees her poking fun and asking hilarious questions about her ‘dates.’ Her episode with Jack Harlow and Aitch, for example, went viral thanks to the obvious flirtation and chemistry.

Amelia now has her own cooking YT show called ‘Amelia’s Cooking Show’ and features on the ‘FAKE NEWS’ show by Pro: Direct Soccer. She has also previously presented at the Brit Awards.

As of 2023, Amelia has also become a big part of the Awards circuit, interviewing stars at events like the Golden Globes and Vanity Fair Oscars After-party. As mentioned, her interactions with the likes of Andrew Garfield, Pedro Pascal and Paul Mescal have reached viral status and we're already manifesting that we see them all on her Chicken Shop Date channel very soon.

Is Aitch dating Amelia Dimoldenberg? 

These two shared a very captivating Chicken Shop Date and soon sparked rumors on social media that they were actually an IRL item in 2022. In true Amelia fashion, she only fuelled the speculation more and eventually, they confirmed they were infact dating! 

It was a happy moment for their TikTok fanbase, because who doesn't love a friends-to-lover story! But sadly it didn’t last long—the couple soon posted a TikTok revealing they were better off as friends *sigh*. Ro be honest, we're still not sure if this whole romance sage was actually legit, but we loved it while it lasted!


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In the video, the two said they were ’better as friends,’ with Aitch saying: “I can’t sit back and watch you every other week go on a date with other rappers. And I know it’s not real but I just can’t do it.”

To which Amelia said: “I mean, I can’t stop doing that, I love to date. You’re going on tour as well.” We’re also still not sure if they were pranking us but we don’t care, we still ship them.

However, in early August our hopes for a reunion were realized, as Aitch appeared on Amelia's Cooking Show, where the pair tried and failed to cook prawns, beef and garlic butter which resulted in Amelia shedding some very uncharacteristic tears.

The duo got tongues wagging yet again as their chemistry sizzled, with the pair hugging and even dropping the L-bomb for each other. Watch for yourself...

Sadly though, it seems the pair are not back together (if they even were together in the first place) but we can still dream...

Who is Amelia Dimoldenberg dating? 

As we know Amelia and Aitch are not an item, so who is Amelia Dimoldenberg's boyfriend?

From what we can tell, Amelia is currently single but that doesn’t stop fans from wanting her to get with the likes of footballer Jesse Lingard—who stars in one of her most-watched Chicken Shop Dates

Alas though, our Amelia is still a free agent, which just means more star-studded dates—with Amelia teasing even that she wants to take Drake on a date...

What is Amelia Dimoldenberg’s net worth? 

The Sun estimates Amelia’s net worth at around $800 thousand or £600k, with most of her earnings coming from her YouTube channel and merchandise sales.

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