Fans are obsessed with the chemistry between Amelia Dimoldenberg and Andrew Garfield during this red-carpet interview

Okay, we need an Amelia and Andrew Chicken Shop Date STAT!

Amelia Dimoldenberg and Andrew Garfield pictured at the Golden Globes 2023/ in a pink and cream template
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We're all suckers for a new celebrity pairing and following their sizzling interview, Amelia Dimoldenberg and Andrew Garfield have rather captured the internet's attention.

For anyone who missed it, Chicken Shop Date creator, Amelia Dimoldenberg was tasked with interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at the 2023 Golden Globes—like she did a month prior at the GQ 'Men of the Year' awards, where she and Andrew had their first laughter-filled interview, but we'll get to that later.

Wearing a stunning gold, cut-out dress and repping the copper hair trend, Amelia chatted to the stars but all composure went out the window when the Tick Tick Boom actor, Andrew Garfield (who was rumored to be dating Pheobe Dyvenor in November 2022) stopped by for a chat...

Amelia and Andrew's Golden Globes interview 

Fans are already dubbing this exchange their 'favorite' interview of all time and it's really not hard to see why. 

The interview began with the pair greeting each other and Amelia asking Andrew how he was and how they "must stop meeting like this."

To which Andrew then quipped: "I only ever want to see you—"

Naturally, that left Amelia very flustered, before he clarified that that was not the end of his sentence, adding: "I only ever want to see you in these kinds of situations." Ouch!

He then continued to shut down any hopes of hanging out off the red carpet, before Amelia revealed that she was planning on inviting him to her birthday party.

This then plunged them into a whole astrology discussion where they discovered that their star signs are in fact compatible, as Amelia is an Aquarius and Andrew Garfield's astrological birth chart features an Aquarius moon.

Despite their connection being literally written in the stars though, he quickly joked: "I don't think we should explore this," citing that he was 'scared' of what it could turn into, to which Amelia responded that she wasn't even asking to take thing further—you tell him, Amelia!

Then, interspersed with more giggles, Amelia tried to regroup and ask him a serious question, but Andrew couldn't keep a straight face.

For anyone's eyes that were blessed by this interview, it's safe to say the chemistry is out of this world. In fact, one fan commented: "Petition for Amelia to be the only person allowed to interview Andrew Garfield from now on."

While a second wrote: "The chemistry is off the charts!" with another adding: "GET MARRIED!"

On TikTok, one user also said: "This is the third time this vid is on my fyp and I will continue to watch it all the way through."

Amelia and Andrew's GQ interview

As mentioned, this is actually their second interview together (the first of which also went viral). They met for the first time just a month prior to the Golden Globes at the GQ 'Men Of The Year' awards.

During their first red carpet chat, Amelia said: "I've been trying to get a date with you for while,"—referring to her YouTube Chicken Shop Date series.

The pair then go on to discuss Andrew's iconic GQ photoshoot, including the infamous armpit picture, which Amelia dubbed her 'favorite image.'

"I don't know what that says about you, do you have an armpit thing?" Andrew replied, to which Amelia told him to 'take the compliment.'

Their interview then concluded with Andrew complimenting Amelia's own appearance and giving a 'wow' to her black, rubber dress. 

Alas, while it seems there's no romantic potential here, there's still hope for an Amelia and Andrew Chicken Shop date—and we're just going to leave these interviews here for you, in case you need an extra dose of serotonin.

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