Are JLo and Ben Affleck dating? Here’s why Bennifer romance rumors are swirling

Everyone's asking, "Are JLo and Ben Affleck dating?"—and there's evidence to support the case!

JLo and Ben Affleck during "Gigli" California Premiere at Mann National in Westwood, California
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We've been hit with a serious case of déjà vu—everyone's asking, "Are JLo and Ben Affleck dating?" And judging by their recent get-togethers, it's safe to assume that a rekindled romance—and a long-awaited Bennifer resurgence—might be in the cards. 

After Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's rocky relationship officially came to a close in April 2021, the actress-singer was spotted with her ex-fiance Ben Affleck in Los Angeles. Outlets claim that it was just a friendly get-together between exes, nothing fishy. 

However, fans kicked rumors into high gear once again when they were spotted together in Montana of all places just several days ago. Interesting findings, wouldn't you agree? What reason would the two have for going out west together, other than the good old getting back with an ex-cliche?

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a look back at how one of Hollywood's most iconic power couples first came together. 

Photos of JLo and Ben Affleck

The Daily Mail truly doesn't miss a trick. The outlet spotted the two spending time together in the home of the Glacier National Park, well off the beaten path from Hollywood. Naturally, the tabloid didn't miss an opportunity to snap a photo of the evidence. 

Now that those images are circulating social media, curiosities have been piqued and sources claim that the two actually started speaking to one another back in February—when JLo and Arod were still engaged—via email, per TMZ.

Needless to say, A-Rod's reaction to Bennifer's reunion was less than positive, but Affleck's longtime BFF Matt Damon publicly wished for a reunion while on The Today Show on May 11. "I love them both. I hope it's true. That would be awesome," he said. 

Perhaps 2002's most famous couple truly is about to make a comeback?

When did JLo and Ben Affleck first start dating?

JLo and Ben Affleck met while starring in the film Gigli back in 2002. Although Lopez was still married to Cris Judd at the time, soon after their divorce, she went public with her relationship with Affleck. 

JLo and Ben Affleck music video PDA

Affleck famously appeared in the singer's "Jenny from the Block" music video, which depicted paparazzi following their every move. Now, comments are swirling on the video's YouTube page with statements like, "Who’s coming back to this after a JLO and Ben sighting?" and "After 17 years, Bennifer is happening again. Feels like my childhood is back."

JLo and Ben Affleck's engagement...and split

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were engaged in November 2002 but called it quits in 2004, reportedly due to the Bennifer media craze weighing heavily on their romance. 

So, are JLo and Ben Affleck dating again? Well, evidence is certainly mounting that the two might be looking to test the relationship waters once more. Plus, Affleck clearly has respect for his previous partner.

In an April cover story for InStyle, a myriad of JLo's famous friends—from Michelle Obama to Leah Remini—and exes like Affleck and Marc Anthony weighed in on the singer's commitment, work ethic, and all-around awesomeness.  

Affleck was quoted saying: "Where are you keeping the fountain of youth? Why do you look the same as you did in 2003 and it kind of looks like I'm in my 40s…at best?"

Bennifer, we're keeping our eyes on you!

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