Is Nancy from 'Love Is Blind' still in touch with Bartise?

After a dramatic wedding day, we're catching up with Nancy from 'Love Is Blind'...and we're a bit surprised about her relationship status

Bartise and Nancy from Love Is Blind. Bartise Bowden, Nancy Rodriguez in episode 303 of Love Is Blind
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One thing's for certain about Nancy from Love Is Blind: she was determined to have the experiment play out successfully. 

As Love is Blind season 3 unfolded and the hopeful romantic pursued a relationship with Bartise, she was excited to embark on a new chapter...but her match did not necessarily feel the same way. 

Out of the Love Is Blind season 3 couples, Nancy and Bartise were one of the rockier pairs. Between different political views, past relationships not being completely squashed and a lack of sparks, things seemed uncertain. Plus, once everyone left the pods, Bartise did seem to express interest in Raven. (Though we know how that Raven and SK drama ultimately went down.) 

"As it's diminishing the emotional connection we developed in the pods, the physical attraction is just not really there for me anymore," Bartise revealed midway through season 3. 

Then, when it came time for "I do's," everyone wanted to know "does Bartise say yes in Love Is Blind?" Nancy was a go but, ultimately, Bartise could not commit to the relationship, which left Nancy shattered and her family devastated and less than pleased with Bartise. Tensions escalated quickly between Bartise and Nancy's mother and brother after he said "I don't" (as evidenced below).

Considering how dramatic things were—and how truly upset Nancy seemed—we were surprised to learn in Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 3 that the two were on friendly terms. So...what's going on between them? Here's what we know. 

Is Nancy from 'Love Is Blind' still in touch with Bartise?

When we reunite with our pod squad in Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 3, we find out that Nancy and Bartise are on friendly terms, and they're even filmed getting drinks together—something that Nancy's family was not aware of and likely would not approve of. 

"For me to be happy, I have to allow those that have loved me or that want to love me in my life," Nancy confessed. "It's better for me to keep them as a friend than not have them in my life at all." 

Once she finally revealed to her mother and brother that she and Bartise were on friendly terms, they were not necessarily pleased, questioning if she would fully be able to move on if he was in her life, even platonically. 

On the flip side, fellow pod squad members did warn Bartise that he was treading on tricky territory by straddling the line between ex-fiancé and newfound friend, but he was still determined to pursue the friendship...and for a while, Nancy was, too. 

Once the two met again for Alexa's birthday celebration (Alexa and Brennon are blissfully in love, by the way), Nance seemed to have a change of heart after a chat with her family and brunch with her fellow pod-squad brides. 

"After hearing what the girls had to say, and my family, I'm empowered to put myself first," Nancy said. 

That's when she decided to have a sit-down at the party with Bartise and explain how they needed to go their separate ways. Although there was some pain involved, it appeared to be an amicable situation—much more so than their wedding day. 

So where do we leave the former couple? Nancy is currently looking for love and Bartise is set to appear on Perfect Match, Netflix's newest reality dating show. Time will tell how things unfold for them both, but we wish them luck!

Catch Love Is Blind After the Altar season 3 now on Netflix. Perfect Match will premiere on Netflix beginning Tuesday, February 14. 

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