A sneak peek at 'Perfect Match,' Netflix's show with singles from 'Love Is Blind,' 'Too Hot To Handle' and more

Does anyone else sense impending disaster from 'Perfect Match,' Netflix's latest dating show? Just wait until you see the rules!

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Drama incoming! Perfect Match, Netflix's latest dating series, sounds like a disaster of epic proportions...and needless to say, we're ready for it. 

If you're still reeling over the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion and can't quite get over The Ultimatum ending, you're in luck! Singles from the streamer's go-to reality dating shows are coming together for a new adventure, which conveniently premieres on Valentine's Day. All we can say is buckle up!

Between this news and the start of winter Love Island UK, we sense eventful few weeks ahead. Looks like the same can also be said for the contestants looking for love.

'Perfect Match' Netflix: what you need to know

Perfect Match is bringing a handful of hopeful romantics together from the following reality series:

The contestants will convene in a villa—where else?—and from there, things get wild. 

"As they compete to form relationships, the most compatible couples will play matchmaker, breaking up other couples and sending them on dates with brand-new singles they’ll invite to the villa," the official synopsis of the show reads. 

Contestants are left to their own devices: they're able to match with one another—which is required to secure a spot in the house—and compete in challenges in order to bring home the W...which gives them immense power and control over "the board."  Once in control, they're able to bring in new singles, break up couples or split from their current partner. Talk about playing the field! 

When is the 'Perfect Match' release date?

Coinciding with the most romantic time of the year is the release of Perfect Match

The show's dozen hour-long episodes will stream on Netflix over the course of three weeks, with the first four premiering on Valentine's Day, a.k.a. Tuesday, February 14. The following four episodes will air on Tuesday, February 21, and the final batch will arrive on Tuesday, February 28. Make sure to allocate your screen time accordingly.

'Perfect Match' trailer

At long last, Netflix has provided a sneak peek into what viewers can expect, and things get sloppy. We have hookups and heartbreak galore...but will these adventures lead to each reality star finding a perfect match, or does it just make for some spicy TV marathons? 

"It's like the Hunger Games for dating," Chase from Too Hot To Handle declares in the teaser. (Will he volunteer as tribute or look out for himself?)

Who's on the Netflix 'Perfect Match' cast? Meet the contestants

Who exactly is making their way onto this new series? See the full lineup below!

(No word yet on who decides to pair up/break up/make up/etc., but once things get going, expect a lot of turnover in the relationship department. Guess we'll have to wait to find out how it all turns out.)

  • Bartise from Love Is Blind 
  • Lauren from Love Is Blind
  • Mitchell from The Circle
  • Georgia from Too Hot To Handle
  • Chloe from Too Hot To Handle and The Circle
  • Francesca from Too Hot To Handle
  • Diamond from Love Is Blind 
  • Nick from The Circle
  • Shayne from Love Is Blind 
  • Colony from Selling Tampa 
  • Zay from The Ultimatum 
  • Ines from The Circle: France 
  • Chase from Too Hot To Handle
  • Kariselle from Sexy Beasts
  • Calvin from The Circle 
  • Izzy from Too Hot To Handle
  • Dom from The Mole 
  • Abbey from Twentysomethings: Austin
  • Joey from The Circle
  • Savannah from The Circle
  • Damian from Love Is Blind
  • Annie-Sophie from Selling Tampa
  • Will from The Mole

We're anxious to catch up with some of our favorite reality-show alumni and their next journey, though we're not sure how smooth the sailing will be, given the show's premise. 

We did notice, however, that the Dated & Related cast who did not find love in the French villa were largely left out. Given the sleeper success of the series, and the fact that everyone was curious about the status of the Dated & Related couples, we're a bit surprised no one from the Melinda Berry-led show is making an appearance. Perhaps next season, if all goes well?

Who is the host of 'Perfect Match'?

As you might've suspected, Nick Lachey will once again do the honors in helping these eager contestants find love. Not to jump ahead, but we can only imagine what the reunion will be like for this one. Good luck to you, Nick!

We'll see everyone in a few weeks for what's sure to be a dramatic premiere! And don't forget, Love Is Blind After the Altar season 3 will debut on Feb 10! Pass the popcorn, please.

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