Does Bartise say yes in 'Love Is Blind'? Fans are on edge about his relationship with Nancy

'I think it went from a no to a yes,' Nancy says during her joint bachelorette party

Bartise from Love Is Blind season 3 at the reunion
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Does Bartise Say Yes in Love Is Blind? Does this wild experiment actually work?

For those who are familiar with the Netflix dating show, contestants connect with one another without meeting face-to-face. And, to top it all of, they get engaged! Bizarre, right?

One of the five Love Is Blind season 3 couples to agree to take their relationship to the next level is Nancy and Bartise. But, as you might've guessed, things don't necessarily go according to plan. (Hey, this is reality TV after all.) 

It was a rollercoaster ride for the two, but where do they stand once they finally reach the altar? 


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Let's backtrack a bit first. Though Bartise initially connected with Raven in the pods, he decided to pursue a future with the bubbly and optimistic Nancy. It appeared Raven's jumping jacks in the middle of his big, emotional confessions deterred his initial feelings.

However, once the five couples said "I do" and prepared for their Malibu honeymoon (yes, everything's in reverse), Bartise and Raven finally got to meet face-to-face...and let's just say he had thoughts about who he gave that engagement ring to. 

Unsurprisingly, this revelation did not sit well with Nancy. Could you imagine the person you just promised to spend your life with has admitted he's attracted to someone else? This is not a promising start. 

Then, to top it off, once the two began to connect with one another and learn more about each other's lives, the notion of a happily-ever-after seemed to start unraveling. They have big political differences, and the topic of abortion is one that is divisive for the couple. Making things more difficult, the topic came up when Bartise met Nancy's family.

On a good day, you don't want to dip into political conversations with relatives, but doing so while meeting your future in-laws for the first time? You're probably asking for trouble. (To be fair, Bartise did seem to regret some of his actions, which he states via TikTok videos.) 

"He threw it back in my face and brought it up in front of his family, which I did not appreciate at all," Nancy said.


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Then, it seemed Bartise was less than pleased with Nancy's past relationship and how the former pair seemed to be involved with each other's real estate doings. Oh, and let's not forget his confession about the state of their relationship towards the end of the season.

"As it's diminishing the emotional connection we developed in the pods, the physical attraction is just not really there for me anymore," he revealed.

Does Bartise Say Yes in 'Love Is Blind'?

As the girls enjoy a joint bachelorette party, everyone goes around the table to discuss where they're at in their relationships. Just like viewers, the Love Is Blind peers are wondering if Bartise is going to go through with everything, even though Nancy is gung-ho.

"I think it went from a no to a yes," Nancy said during the bachelorette, believing that things will work out. 

Well, Nancy had high hopes and planned to move forward in their union, but Bartise had another plan in mind. "I do not," he says at the altar. Rather than discuss what went wrong in front of their guests, the two step away from the crowd, with Nancy's family closely in tow.

"Yes, we're best friends, all of it works, but what I've gone through, in the real world with you and your family and everything that we've talked about, there's no way that it made sense to get up there and say yes," he confessed to Nancy.

The result of their split? An uncomfortable Love Is Blind season 3 reunion and a few bombshells, like Bartise's fling shortly after the breakup. However, in a new interview with The Los Angeles Times, Nancy had her doubts before the wedding day.

"Two weeks before our wedding — actually, right after that group outing that we had together — I told Bartise I was gonna say ‘no,’ off-camera," she confessed to the outlet. "I said, 'Look, boy, you are not what I thought you were like; it’s a no for me.' And he asked me to give him a second chance. And so there’s a scene where...we went dancing, and he thanks me for giving him another chance."

But, as we learn after the reunion, it's back to being a "no."

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