What is your 'beige flag' according to your zodiac sign? An astrologer and relationship expert spill

From name-dropping to serial-canceling, where do you stack up with these beige flags?

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No need to consult your birth chart: your beige flag according to your zodiac sign is in clear view, just like the red flag directly behind it. (We kid!) 

When on the hunt for a potential match, it's easy to spot dating dealbreakers. Beige flags, however, blend into the background and are a bit harder to find. They're not necessarily bad, they're just...interesting. Consider them an in-between of red flags and green flags; they're odd little quirks. 

So, when it comes to all things relationships, what will make your partner wave their beige flag? Time to find out!

What is your beige flag according to your zodiac sign?

Charlotte Johnson, a sex and dating expert at Mega Pleasure, joined forces with astrologer Inbaal Honigman to uncover where each of the 12 signs stands according to their beige flags. The next time you embark on a Hinge date, have a look at what not to do. (Or check out your date's beige flags if you're feeling curious.) 

Aries: Being excessively competitive at games

Yes, "fating" is having a moment in the dating world (adding a fitness spin to a meetup), but this isn't The Amazing Race. Remember to take it down a notch or two, Aries!

Taurus: Obsessing over a pet or hobby

We love our furry friends and passions just as much as anyone else but just remember to strike a healthy balance between it all, Taurus. There's plenty of room for Fido, that yoga kick you're on, and your new suitor. 

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Gemini: Constantly checking their phone

Try pausing notifications or putting your iPhone on Airplane Mode if you need to, Gemini. You're going to want to stay in the moment when you're meeting someone new. Push notifications can wait.

Cancer: Using cheesy pick-up lines

How you doin'?! No need to go all Joey Tribbiani, Cancer!

"While using the occasional playful or light-hearted pick-up line can be fun, relying too heavily on cheesy or cliché lines may indicate a lack of originality or depth in the approach," Inbaal warns.

Leo: Showing excessive interest in social media

Leos are natural-born stars but the experts suggest they shouldn't bring the influencer energy to the coffee date. Leave the selfies for another occasion, one in which you and your partner are more comfortable together.

Virgo: Having excessive deal-breakers

Not all red flags are actually red flags, Virgo. Everyone has flaws. Just make sure your standards aren't unrealistic and you're not too judgmental in your search; you don't want to miss out on meeting someone truly wonderful.

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Libra: Overly focused on appearance

We all want to look our best and show up to a date feeling 10/10. But don't let aesthetics consume you too much, dear Libra.

Scorpio: Being too excited about the future

Take it one step at a time, Scorpio. Let the relationship develop. Intimacy coach Brenden Durrell actually insists that slowing down is what we need to do when dating this summer. "Give people more time to express who they are and vice versa," he previously told us. 

Sagittarius: Frequently cancels last-minute

Those born under the sign of the archer bite off more than they can chew, according to Inbaal. Prioritize that get-together, Sagittarius, otherwise you could potentially be missing out on a perfect match. 

Capricorn: Name dropping or bragging

Don't let this beige flag turn red, Caps. There's no need to rattle off a résumé on a date. Let the conversation flow naturally without statistics. 

Aquarius: Overindulging in deprecating humor

A little laugh here and there is important, but have some confidence, Aquarius. Not all jokes have to be at your expense. 

Pisces: Name dropping an ex

Pisces can have a case of "mentionitis" when it comes to an ex, but it's important not to let a new match think you're still hung up on someone else. Why make someone else feel that way?

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