The scariest movies on Netflix to watch this Halloween season

From remakes to book adaptations, our list of the scariest movies on Netflix deserves your attention

IT Pennywise the Dancing Clown 2017 reboot Bill Skarsgard
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To accompany PSL season and the onslaught of flannel, the scariest movies on Netflix are here to put you in an autumn state of mind. It's time to dim the lights and indulge...if you dare.

What's new on Netflix this fall focuses on all-things spooky—ghosts, demons, murderous neighbors and all that scary stuff. You might not want to watch any of these before bed if you scare easily, so consider this fair warning.

For those ghouls and ghosts looking to take the fun up a notch this year, we'll tell you how to throw a Halloween movie party that's equal parts delightful and scary. Just make sure you don't forget a costume!

The scariest movies on Netflix

1. 'Fear Street' (2021)

Your childhood nightmares are about to reemerge thanks to R.L. Stine and Fear Street on Netflix. The author's Fear Street gets the streaming treatment with a movie trilogy: Part 1 is set in 1994, followed by a step back even further in time to 1978 in Part 2. Then, Part 3 concludes in 1666. 

Wicked forces have been hard at work in Shadyside for generations, and teens have been attempting to uncovering the wrongdoings year after year. Although you might've snagged these classic kids' lit selections at your elementary school book fair, this Fear Street trilogy is not geared toward a younger audience. 

2. 'Woman in the Window' (2021)

Based on the highly controversial New York Times bestseller by A.J. Finn, this popular thriller has finally received the TV treatment, much to fans' delight.

In this suspenseful tale, we follow an agoraphobic New Yorker (played by Amy Adams) who is confined to her apartment. She becomes overly involved in her neighbors' lives, but what happens when she witness a heinous crime—and is made to feel like she is wrong?

3. 'The Conjuring 2' (2016)

Time to call the Warrens to investigate. A London woman is faced with a huge dilemma when her daughter decides to let a wicked spirit loose in their home, coined the Amityville of England. If you thought an unwanted pet was bad, this takes on an entirely new level.

4. 'Insidious' (2010)

Moving into a new home is supposed to be an exciting experience, but these parents know it to be anything but. Once the son of Josh and Renai (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) falls into a comatose state, the supernatural experiences begin. 

5. '1922' (2017)

Anytime Stephen King enters the equation, you're bound to encounter something horrifying (in a good way). A father-son duo (Thomas Jane and Dylan Schmid) decides to conspire against the matriarch of the family and kill her for financial gain in this novella-turned-film. 

6. 'Things Heard & Seen' (2021)

This Amanda Seyfried-led Netflix original is garnering much attention, and you'll definitely want to see what the hype is about for yourself. A woman and her husband take off from New York City and opt for small-town living...but it comes with some sinister consequences.

7. 'IT' (2017)

Time to float! 

A group of kids in Derry, Maine, face a horrific child-eating clown that reemerges every 27 years to satisfy his appetite. Pennywise (played in this adaptation by Bill Skarsgård) will haunt your nightmares, no matter your age.

8. 'Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark' (2019)

The frightening tales and illustrations from the beloved book series comes to life in this 2019 adaptation of Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark. Upon entering an old, eerie house, trick or treaters are in for quite a surprise.

Although this might've been a fun book selection for kids, save the movies for at least the pre-teens—it's not as delicate as the print version.

9. 'Ouija: Origins of Evil' (2016)

The daughter of a fake medium is desperate to connect with her late father, so like many others, she turns to help from a Ouija board, but the spirit that comes through is certainly not her dad. 

10. 'Monster House' (2006)

And for the fraidy cats among us, the animated flick Monster House offers a tame horror story for those who are not terribly inclined to go all out on the scare charts. Something is very wrong next door, but will these kids be able to get to the bottom of it?

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