Scorpio season memes that'll make you laugh this fall

We've rounded up a few favorites from Instagram, TikTok and Twitter

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Scorpio season memes have landed on our feeds to celebrate the water sign in all of its confident, stubborn and emotional glory. 

As you know, these members of the zodiac are creative, passionate and intense, lending themselves to some of the internet's craftiest work. Think of the viral videos and giphs as a birthday gift to you, dear Scorpio. 

As for Scorpio season itself? It's a time to focus on relationships and new beginnings. Things might feel a little daunting—thanks to the impending eclipse season, which starts with the new moon in Scorpio on October 25—but the pros insist this is October astrology event is worth embracing, especially if you need to work on your confidence. 

"Submit to the confidence-building energy of Scorpio and begin to like yourself truly—the effects of this cannot be understated in how transformational it will be in your life," says Nebula's astrologer, Patrick Price. "Confidence is the key word for me, as the energy that is flowing is a rich and positive one that encourages us to be our best selves. Growth can be uncomfortable, but Scorpio season will put ease to that."

Now that you have a better idea how to tackle what's ahead, let's have a look at those laughs, now shall we?

Meet the expert: Patrick Price

Patrick is Nebula: Horoscope and Astrology App’s expert specializing in tarot, angel readings and Western astrology. Patrick is a queer man who comes from a gypsy family. Tarot is deeply rooted in his family’s culture. He’s been doing tarot for the past eight years and astrological readings for the last three years. 

The best Scorpio season memes on the internet

(Psst: Scorpio season runs from October 23 to November 21, so mark your calendars accordingly.)

1. Running the gamut of emotions

There's lots to unpack when it comes to a Scorpio's emotions, and these are a few of our favorites!

2. Going it solo

"Sometimes water signs shut down because they've been berated by too much emotion recently and they need a time out" astrologer Renée Watt previously told My Imperfect Life.

This is at times why Scorpios want to deal with things on their own. 

3. Embracing that confidence...

What'd we tell you about that confidence, right? Scorpios are all about that tenacious spirit.

4. ...a lot

Fellow Scorpios totally get that whole self-esteem thing. Cheers to you, Scorpios, you lovely water sign. 

5. Staying closed off

Yes, it's a time to focus on relationships and yes, it's a time to embrace new things...but not early in the morning. This is likely when you can catch that "closed-off" mentality Watt alluded to.

6. Feeling stubborn

Scorpios are synonymous with stubbornness. They are set in their ways and want to do things themselves, and other members of the zodiac have to accept that.

7. Making friends

Well this is certainly an interesting way to make new acquaintances... 


♬ Scorpio - Gary Usher

8. Shedding a few tears...

Well, Scorpios are water signs. Did you really think they weren't professional criers?


♬ Happy Scorpio Szn - siriusxm

9. ...and some more

Let's turn up the Taylor Swift, shall we?


♬ screaming crying - louis’ gua sha

10. Don't cross a Scorpio

"I wish you hell."


♬ original sound - Amy Strydom

11. Embracing independence

"No thank you, We Scorpios don't need any assistance. We are perfectly capable of managing it all by ourselves, as you can see."

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Happy Scorpio season, friends! Make the most of it and tune in to that confidence, but don't forget that it's OK to rely on others when you need a little help. (We promise.) 

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