When is Scorpio season? 2021's 'emotionally intense' period cuts to the chase

'You have to get real with yourself, about yourself'

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When is Scorpio season? 2021's latest emotional roller coaster is on its way, just as Mercury retrograde comes to a close. Yes, it appears that the cosmos have quite the sense of humor. 

We started to feel a sense of relief knowing chaotic feelings would soon be on their way out. Now, intense Scorpio energy will swoop in and make us reflect and toss what's not fulfilling. This astrological event takes no prisoners, but the cosmic pros assure us that this no-BS approach has its benefits. 

Now is the time to check in with yourself: take a look to see what's working and adjust accordingly. From the fashion faux pas in your closet to the toxic new relationship in your life, Scorpio season will help you get rid of whatever is unnecessary. 

Be kind to yourself, snag a black candle for a cleansing ritual (great gifts astrology fans love, by the way) and examine what needs to be tweaked in your life—you are the editor, after all. 

"I think every season is significant in its own way, but when it comes to Scorpio season, it allows us to kind of acknowledge our darkness in a way that's productive and provides releases versus self-deprivation," says astrologer Renée Watt (opens in new tab)

Let's dive into the zodiac's upcoming event. 

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When is Scorpio season 2021?

Mark your calendars: Scorpio season runs from October 22 to November 21, 2021. 

Scorpio season 2021: what to expect

Watt describes this as a time in which the universe does not beat around the bush. If you're not walking the path that's meant for you, you'll likely figure out how to get on track during this season. Plus, you're forced to take responsibility. 

"It's a really good time to check in with yourself and take accountability for any emotional or behavioral patterns that aren't really serving you," she adds. 

How to prepare for Scorpio season 2021

Watt further reveals that it's a time to get real with yourself...about yourself. You can be kind and gentle (we know the perfect self-care practices that can help), but you cannot ignore your behaviors and actions. You'll be forced to come to terms with what's serving you and what's not. 

"You want to use this an opportunity to make a clean break," she warns. 

Plus, Scorpio season coincides with the Taurus full moon, making it as especially positive time for a release. Watt suggests buying a small black candle, making a list of things in your life you'd like to eliminate (bad habits, toxic work environments, etc.) and ripping it away from your body. You can either burn the shreds or place them next to your candle until it burns out. The next day, bury the scraps in a dark place. 

Though things might seem daunting with this new zodiac season on the horizon, Scorpio season will restore order that might've been missing. Things might get intense, but it's only for your betterment. 

"Scorpio is the sign with the most emotional depth, so it likes to connect in really meaningful ways," Watt says. 

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